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Iris is a novice magician in Four Swords Adventures. While she is capable of magic, she has yet to memorize spells and as such cannot do much without her Magic Book. Possibly because she's only a novice, Iris is not mean like the other mages and does not wish for harm to befall others, but she intends to correct this.[2]


Iris was practicing her magic in the Village of the Blue Maiden when she teleported herself to the Dark World, accidentally leaving her Magic Book behind in the Light World. As such, she had no way back home, leaving her little to do but try spells from memory in the hopes of being teleported back. The only result yielded by this method was the summoning of a tiny house.[3] Yet while Iris thought she had "just magicked it out of nowhere",[4] truth was that she had stolen the house of someone back in the Light World, along with that person's girlfriend inside.[5] Also in the Light World, Iris' disappearance had not gone unnoticed. Her teacher found her book lying unguarded and instructed the Seeker's Guild to search for her.[1][6]

No progress was made until Link became involved with the guild. He visited Iris in the Dark World and later met her teacher in the Light World, who gave him Iris' Magic Book to bring to her. Thrilled to hold her possession again, Iris sent the house and the girlfriend back to the Light World.[4][7]

As promised by her teacher,[8] Iris was given a thorough lecture on her losing her magic book. She also appeared among the grateful villagers congratulating Link after his victory over several Shadow Links.[9]


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