"You got the invoice! This invoice is for the town doctor's running tab, which is an astronomical sum."
— In-game description

The Invoice is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. After Link delivers Renado's Letter to Telma in her bar, Link is given this invoice for Doctor Borville, who had helped Ilia when she came to Hyrule Castle Town. Link shows the invoice to Doctor Borville in the Medical Clinic, who is less than enthused about having to pay up. He does, however, let Link into his office. From here, Link can push a box against the wall, revealing the Medicine Scent. Link can learn the scent in wolf form, and follow it to track down the Wooden Statue that Doctor Borville suggested would help get Ilia's memory back.

Interestingly, the number on the invoice appears to be 176,480,000, which is likely the exact amount of Rupees that Doctor Borville owes Telma.

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