"Link! I've had my suspicions, but until now I wasn't sure. Yet here we are in the Chamber of the Sword, the very place where it was foretold the youth of legend would one day appear. It is said that this place was left to our people by the goddess herself. The very knowledge of this room's existence is a secret passed down to a select few each generation, along with a handful of words..."

Inside the Statue of the Goddess is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a small chamber located inside the Statue of the Goddess in northwestern Skyloft that contains the Chamber of the Sword, the resting place of the Goddess Sword.

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Goddess Sword in Pedestal

Goddess Sword inside its Pedestal

After Zelda is taken away by evil forces to the land below the clouds, a mysterious figure appears in Link's dreams. He is awakened in the middle of the night, finding the figure to be real, and follows it to the grove of the Goddess Statue. Once there, the figure opens a hidden doorway leading inside the statue itself.

Inside the chamber, the figure reveals its name to be Fi, the spiritual manifestation of the Goddess Sword. After drawing the sword itself from the pedestal, Link unleashes a Skyward Strike onto a nearby Goddess Crest, causing the incomplete Ancient Tablet found in a recess there to open a way to Faron Woods, where Zelda is believed to be. Link returns here on several occasions with the remaining pieces of the Ancient Tablet.

After Link uses the Triforce to wish for a way to destroy Demise, the Isle of the Goddess on which the Statue stands is shaken loose from Skyloft, and sent plummeting to The Surface. After it lands in the Sealed Grounds, the door to the chamber found inside the statue is inaccessible.

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Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

The chamber appears as a location and keep on the Skyloft stage in Hyrule Warriors. In the game's story, Link enters the chamber to find the Goddess Sword inside its pedestal, where he encounters its spirit Fi. Though Fi is aware that he is not the Link of her Era, she decides to help him fight against Ghirahim and the Dark Forces lead by Volga.

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