"Inner Palace Garden ahead."

The Inner Palace Garden is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Found within the Deku Palace, this network of gardens makes up the majority of the palace's interior. Nobody is allowed into the Inner Palace Garden aside from the Deku Royal Family. To insure this, it is patrolled by Deku Palace Guards day and night. During the nighttime hours, however, the Deku Palace Guards' line of sight becomes visible, making it easier for Link to avoid being captured, and thus, thrown out of the Deku Palace. Once Link obtains the Stone Mask, he no longer needs to worry about the guards, as he becomes invisible to the guards when it is worn; however, making physical contact with them will still result in being caught and thrown out.

Found in the easternmost section of the Inner Palace Garden is a Hidden Hole where the Bean Seller resides. Link can learn how to use Magic Beans as well as receive his first Magic Bean from the Bean Seller for the price of 10 Rupees. Magic Beans are needed in order to gain access to the upper levels of the Inner Palace Garden and the prison found within the Royal Chamber. Once Link successfully reaches the upper level via the Outer Palace Garden, he must utilize his Deku skills to overcome the various obstacles and Mad Scrubs that impede his progress.

Interestingly, a Piece of Heart can be found in some flowers deep within the Inner Palace Garden, but it is heavily guarded and difficult to obtain under normal circumstances. If Link returns later in the game with the Stone Mask, however, he can easily reach the Piece of Heart without being spotted.

In the original Japanese version of the game, Link could not enter the Hidden Hole containing the Bean Seller simply by sneaking through one side of the Inner Palace Garden, but first had to pass through a series of two Hidden Holes intertwined with segments of the garden. These Hidden Holes contained Deku Babas, Black Boes, and all but one of the Skullwalltulas in the game. These Hidden Holes were removed in all versions of the game released outside of Japan, and the Bean Seller's Hidden Hole was moved to a more easily accessibly location.

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