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This article is about the Imprisoning War depicted in A Link to the Past. For the Imprisoning War seen in Tears of the Kingdom, go to Imprisoning War.

The term Imprisoning War refers to two separate events, one as part of the backstory to A Link to the Past[1] and one as part of the backstory to Tears of the Kingdom.[2] Beyond both having the same name and ending with the sealing of Ganon by the Sages, the two wars have otherwise very little in common.

The Imprisoning War taking place before A Link to the Past was the first time in the series that Ganon's history was explained. It was later revealed to stem from events that occurred in Ocarina of Time.[3]

History from A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time[]

When the Hero of Time opened the Door of Time and drew the Master Sword, the Gerudo thief Ganondorf invaded the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf used the Triforce of Power to become the King of Evil,[4][note 1] and in the Fallen Hero Timeline, Ganondorf stole the completed Triforce and became the Dark Beast Ganon.[3][7][8][note 2] When Ganon made his wish to rule the world, the Sacred Realm was transformed into a twisted copy of Hyrule born out of his avarice called the Dark World.[12][13][14]

Many years later,[15][note 3] greedy beings were beckoned by an evil power that flowed from the Sacred Realm to become monsters.[18][19][20][note 4] The monsters swarmed out of the Dark World and attacked Hyrule. To save the kingdom, the King of Hyrule ordered the Seven Sages to seal the entrance to the Dark World. The Knights of Hyrule joined forces with the Sages to wage war against the horde of monsters in the Imprisoning War. The Knights were nearly wiped out buying time for the Sages to complete their magical seal.[22][23][24][25] All of Hyrule rejoiced in victory.[26]

Due to the cost of resources and lives in the fight over the Sacred Realm, the Imprisoning War left Hyrule impoverished.[27]


  • Deleted text from Four Swords Adventures shows that the game originally included such elements as the Six Sages, the Master Sword, the Magic Mirror, and the Hylian language being forgotten.[28][29] Because the game also has many direct references to A Link to the Past, this has led many to believe that Four Swords Adventures was originally intended to be the game in which the Imprisoning War occurred. However, the game also has numerous references to other Zelda games, which were deliberately added to the game by its director, Toshiaki Suzuki.[30] While the final game itself doesn't reflect the events of the Imprisoning War, it does, in theory, work as a possible prelude to said war. But with that game's official timeline placement positioning it on a different timeline branch, it remains separate from the Imprisoning War at this time.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapanese封印戦争 (Fūin Sensō)[31]Sealing War
FranceFrenchEUGuerre du Sceau[32]War of the Seal
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  1. According to the English translation of the A Link to the Past manual, Ganondorf's followers used black magic to open the Sacred Realm by accident when "no one, not even the Hylian sages" was certain of its location. Ganondorf killed his followers in a long running battle, claimed the completed Triforce for himself with his blood-stained hands, and made a wish.[5] This is inconsistent with Ocarina of Time, where the imbalance of power, wisdom, and courage in Ganondorf caused the Triforce to split apart;[6] and with the reference to the Fallen Hero Timeline in Encyclopedia, where Ganon takes two of the pieces of the Triforce that Princess Zelda and Link had.[3]
  2. According to the manual of A Link to the Past, the Master Sword was forged by the people of Hyrule to repulse the power of the Triforce wielded by Ganon, and the Seven Wise Men (or Sages in later English media) searched for a hero valiant enough to take up the sword.[9] This was truncated in the manual of A Link to the Past & Four Swords and later contradicted by Ocarina of Time, in which the Master Sword was already behind the Door of Time during the events of the game and the Hero of Time was the cause of Ganon entering the Sacred Realm to begin with;[4] and by Skyward Sword, in which the Goddess Sword (created by the Goddess Hylia) was upgraded into the True Master Sword (by Fi and the Hero she calls "Master") before Hyrule was founded and while the Triforce was in Skyloft.[10][11]
  3. The Ataru Cagiva adaptation of A Link to the Past places the Imprisoning War 600 years before the events of the story. The English manual of A Link to the Past places the Imprisoning War "many centuries" before the game,[16] while the text of the game places it three or four generations before it.[17]
  4. The English translation of the manual of A Link to the Past mentions that people of greed were drawn to the evil power flowing from the Dark World and became part of Ganon's army.[21] The original Japanese text of the manual does not mention that the greedy men became part of Ganon's army. In addition, the English version mentions that the King commanded Seven Wise Men, while the Japanese version mentions that the King commanded Seven Sages. The English version of the Encyclopedia revises all mentions of Wise Men from A Link to the Past's game and manual to Sages, and likewise does not specify that the greedy people are part of Ganon's army.

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