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The Imprisoning Chamber (TotK) is a location introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. Situated deep beneath Hyrule Castle, it is the very place where Ganondorf has been sealed by King Rauru long before the events of Tears of the Kingdom.


The source of the evil[]

Long before the events of Tears of the Kingdom, this huge cave witnessed an event that changed the fate of Hyrule. There, the Demon King Ganondorf battled the Sages and King Rauru himself in his attempt to rule over Hyrule. Even though his mighty opponents were all empowered with their respective Secret Stones, so was Ganondorf. He managed to subdue all the Sages, but did not expect the King of Hyrule to commit the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his companions and the world. Blinded by his arrogance, the Demon King could not stop Rauru from impaling him in the chest with his sacred arm. The King used his ancestral magic to steal Ganondorf's magic and bind him forever in what was to become his tomb. Sealing Ganondorf ultimately cost Rauru his own life, but he willingly accepted to pay such a price for the sake of Hyrule. Knowing very well that his sacrifice would only delay Ganondorf's return, King Rauru solemnly warned the Gerudo that one day, a young swordsman named Link would finish what he had started. Ganondorf would indeed remember this name, as his life force drained away while he became a lifeless husk.


  • The Imprisoning Chamber is featured for the first time during the Nintendo E3 2019.
  • During the cutscene showing Rauru imprisoning Ganondorf, the main theme of The Legend of Zelda series plays as Rauru tells Ganondorf of the swordsman with the sword that seals the darkness that will one day come to defeat him.