"My name is Impaz. I'm the last resident of this poor village. My name comes from the great one who built this village so long ago... This village was once the secret home of a proud tribe who served the royal family... But it fell into decline, and became infested with dangerous beasts. It's become an awful place..."
— Impaz

Impaz (インパル Inparu?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. An elderly woman, she is the only remaining inhabitant of the Hidden Village, and became friends with Ilia after she helped her get to Hyrule Castle Town. Later, she aids Link in his quest to save Hyrule from the threat of Zant.


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After showing the Wooden Statue to Gor Coron, Link travels to the area north of the Bridge of Eldin, where he finds a cave blocked by rocks. The Goron Patriarch, Darbus opens the path for Link. He enters the cave and finds himself in the Hidden Village, which has been taken over by Bulblins. Link defeats all of the Bulblins and is introduced to Impaz. She realizes that Link is the man that Ilia told her about while she was there. Impaz is overjoyed to hear that Ilia is safe in Kakariko Village, and gives Link Ilia's Charm for him to return it to Ilia.

Later in the game, Link seeks the advice of Impaz about the faulty Dominion Rod. She tells him that her people have long passed down the legend of the sky people and gives him the Ancient Sky Book to help him in his quest.

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Impaz is strongly implied to be a Sheikah, or at least a descendant thereof, owing to her red eyes, pointed ears, and backstory. She tells Link that the Hidden Village was once the secret home of a proud tribe who served the Royal Family of Hyrule. Additionally, she tells Link that her name comes from a great person who built the Hidden Village, which potentially refers to the Impa from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a Sheikah who was said to have opened up that era's Kakariko Village to other races. This goes alongside the theory that the Hidden Village is Kakariko Village from Ocarina of Time, which is also supported by some signs there written in the Hylian Language. However due to the village's distance from Death Mountain, it is possible that Impa or another incarnation of her founded the Hidden Village as the original Kakariko Village became populated with non-Sheikah, in order to allow the Sheikah to maintain their tribe's secrecy.


Though Impaz namesake is implied to be an incarnation of Impa, it is also possible that the founder was actually a Sheikah named Impaz and not Impa, though due to Impa being the only true Sheikah known to live in the Era of the Hero of Time, it is possible that Impaz' namesake may have been one Impa's descendants. Given her red eyes, is also possible that Impaz herself is a descendant of either her namesake and/or Impa herself.

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