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This article is about the pictures unlocked by killing Gold Skulltulas. For the menu, see Illustrations.

Illustrations are collectible objects in Hyrule Warriors. They are composed of Illustration Pieces.

Location and Uses

Illustration Pieces are obtained after a Gold Skulltula has been slain. Each Illustration Piece adds to the collection, forming a complete image after 20 pieces of each Illustration have been obtained. There are a total of five default Illustrations in Hyrule Warriors,[1] with extra ones added through DLC and Hyrule Warriors Legends. The Illustrations can be viewed on the Gallery's View Illustration section from the main menu.

Completing Illustrations yields certain rewards,[2] such as upgraded Potions for each Warrior with at least one Empty Bottle Badge, and new mixtures available from the Apothecary.[3] Completing an Illustration for the first time unlocks the Rewards Map. For each Illustration completed, a new mission on this map is unlocked. The content of each mission is uniquely based on the depiction of the Illustration that unlocks it, such as the "True Partners" Illustration unlocking a challenge that requires picking a Warrior to ally with.



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