The Illusionary Room, also known as Phantom Ganon's Maze, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Located deep inside Ganon's Tower, this maze consists of what may be many halls with doors, or just one room leading back into itself. Assuming that the Savage Labyrinth is not deep enough to reach to sunken Hyrule, where the maze is found, the maze may well be the deepest point in the game; parallel to the Tower of the Gods. This maze's concept is similar to the Lost Woods.

Link arrives here after defeating the four reincarnated bosses and proceeding through a short flight of stairs populated by Miniblins. Inside the maze, Link must battle Phantom Ganon multiple times. Phantom Ganon can be ultimately defeated with the Light Arrow found in the maze. Once a Phantom Ganon is defeated, the hilt of the sword it drops always points toward the door Link has to enter in order to advance in the maze. When entered, the other doors can warp Link to the beginning of the maze or trap him in a room where he has to defeat many enemies to exit. One door, however, contains a special room full of jars that hold nearly every kind of useful item. Entering the wrong door leads Link to start over at the beginning. At the end of the maze is the strongest Phantom Ganon, who can only be killed with the Light Arrows, which are found within the maze itself. When this Phantom Ganon is killed, Link must use the sword left by Phantom Ganon to proceed further into Ganon's Tower. After defeating the Phantom, if Link enters the Illusionary Room again, he would be warped back to the warp tile on Ganon's Tower when he tries to go through any of the doors.

The song playing during the maze is titled "Illusionary Room", implying that the maze is, in fact, only one room, and that Link may be entering it over and over again.

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