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Ikana River
Ikana River 2.jpg
The Ikana River flowing from the Spring Water Cave
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The Ikana River is a location in Majora's Mask.[name reference needed]

Features and Overview

The River is located in Ikana Canyon. It was a river that flowed through the Spring Water Cave, until it became bone-dry after the Skull Kid convinced the Composer Brother Sharp that only the dead could reign within the Ikana Kingdom.[1] Sharp banished all living things with his melody, destroying Ikana's only water source and raising the Gibdos from their graves. Pamela and her father lived in the Music Box House at the time and were caught in the middle. Despite Pamela's fear, her father instantly became dazzled by the Gibdos and started to research. But it had went too far, and he was turned into a Gibdo himself, shattering the source to repel the Gibdos. Until Link could ease Sharp's soul with the "Song of Storms" and return the River's flow again, Ikana Valley would have become a barren wasteland.

There is a river outlet at the bottom of the Canyon that forms a waterfall into the Southern Swamp.



  1. "We dead should not be lingering here in this land. It was all a trick of the masked one who had upset things." — Sharp (Majora's Mask)