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Ikana Kingdom
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Ikana Kingdom's Castle
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The Ikana Kingdom,[1] also known as the Kingdom of Ikana,[2] is a monarchy that appears only in Majora's Mask.

It was founded in the mountains barricading Termina's east face and ruled by the Ikana Royal Family.[3] The loyalty of its subjects is unwavering, and they continue to serve their Kingdom even in death.[4] The King of Ikana, Igos du Ikana, still sits upon his ruined throne in Ikana Castle.[5] While its past is mostly shrouded in mystery, the remarks of some of its residents shed light on the circumstances surrounding its eventual downfall, and how it came to be a "land where only the dead roam."[6]


Ikana boasted a capable army, the soldiers of which continue to fight after the Kingdom's demise.[2][4] The commander of that army was Captain Skull Keeta,[7] a giant and a close servant of the King who had earned in life the respect and sworn allegiance of legions.[8][9]

Although Ikana's army was quite possibly its most notable achievement, there is also evidence that the subjects of Ikana Kingdom were skilled in the art forms of music and dance.[10][11]

The War

Though the events which sparked the war between Ikana Kingdom and the nation from which the Garo hail are not divulged, what is made very clear throughout the game is their intense rivalry; it is powerful enough to keep them fighting even after they have died. The Garo Ninjas that haunt Ikana were originally spies from an enemy nation.[12] The armies of the Garo's nation were apparently very skilled, even defeating Captain Keeta's soldiers on their own soil.[13] Any spies infiltrating Ikana who were captured or defeated committed ritual suicide without leaving a corpse, and while common Garo would call this practice their "way," a Master Garo refers to it as "law."[14][15] Details of the countless battles that ensued following the war's initiation are not revealed, but the Kingdom is said to be "stained with a history of darkness" and "drenched in blood," insinuating a merciless, long-winded conflict.[16] When Tatl senses Garo nearby, she says she can sense a "thirst for blood looming all around" them, possible evidence that the war started as, or eventually boiled down to, a conflict of mere bloodlust.[17]

Ikana Graveyard was heavily protected by Ikana forces, even guarded by Captain Keeta himself in life and in death.[18] The reason the Graveyard is so well defended is never explicitly stated, although it is reasonable to assume that it was either a matter of honor (so that enemies could not desecrate the graves of the Royal Family)[3] or an effort to safeguard the Family's treasures, several of which are hidden in graves.[18][19][20] The graves continue to be patrolled long after the war has ended.[21]

According to the King, the quarrels among his men was a significant factor that led to the destruction of the Kingdom.[22]

A Ruined Kingdom

By the time Link arrives, Ikana is vastly different from the prosperous Kingdom it once was, writhing under a curse.[23] The rushing waters of Ikana River have dried up, and Ikana Village is haunted by Gibdos.[24] Sharp, one of Ikana's Royal Composers, watches over the Spring Water Cave, cursed himself.[25] His brother Flat says that he "sold his soul to the devil" and locked him in his prison in the graveyard.[26] Exactly to whom Flat is referring is left to speculation; however, Sharp says that he "dreamt of the revival of the Royal Family," perhaps entering into a false agreement to that end unwittingly.[27] After the curse upon him is broken, he reveals that it is the trickery of the Skull Kid that caused the dead to linger in Ikana.[28] The root of the curse shrouding Ikana is in the Stone Tower Temple, located high in the ominous Stone Tower.[23][29]

The King of Ikana waits on his desolate throne, lording over the dead.[30] His Castle is in ruins, a shell of its former glory, crumbling under the dark winds blowing from within the Stone Tower.[29] Residing in the throne room with him are two unnamed Stalfos, former swordsmen of Ikana.[31] Their position protecting the throne and their fondness for ceremonial marching suggests they were high ranking officers in life. If Link can break the curse upon them and agrees to besiege Stone Tower, Igos du Ikana will teach Link the "Elegy of Emptiness". This magical song contains the power of a soldier who has no heart.[32] The song was undoubtedly composed by the Composer Brothers,[10] and was possibly composed to be used as a weapon in the war against the Garo.

The Stone Tower

Main article: Stone Tower

The origins of the Stone Tower are less clear than the origins of Ikana itself. It is an impenetrable stronghold, able to withstand assault from hundreds of soldiers.[33] High in its towers lies the Stone Tower Temple. The Temple is only ever spoken of by Ikana's inhabitants in reference to the curse on the land, and thus in a negative light.[23] It is also implied that the very doors of Stone Tower have been sealed shut for many years.[34] Some speculate that this might mean the Temple and Stone Tower were already in existence when Ikana Kingdom was founded, and not built by the subjects of Ikana as may be assumed, and the founders merely chose to settle in the Tower's shadow. The existence of a Garo Master within the Temple leads others to suggest that the Garo may have had control over the Stone Tower at one time.

No evidence in the game is conclusive, and what Stone Tower truly represents is never revealed.


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