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Ikana Castle Front Gate
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Ikana Castle Front Gate is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

The Ikana Castle Front Gate is an impenetrable wall built around the Ancient Castle of Ikana. It rises before the Castle entrance, keeping potential intruders at bay and protecting the royal family of Ikana Kingdom. Using the Garo's Mask, Link can gather clues from the Garo spies who linger in Ikana concerning alternate routes into the Castle.[2]

There are two routes that circumvent the Front Gate. The first means is by traversing the subterranean waterways that connect the well on the hilltop and the well in Ikana Castle's inner garden, which are one.[3] But the waterways are inaccessible without the Gibdo Mask, which allows Link to communicate with the Gibdo that guard its network. Link will need to break the curse on Sharp in the Spring Water Cave using the Song of Storms and subsequently heal the mummified man in the Music Box House to retrieve that mask. After acquiring the Mirror Shield from within the well under the Castle's inner garden, Link is able to use the second alternate entrance.[4]

Using the Mirror Shield, Link can enter a small alcove beside the Front Gate and activate the Crystal Switch, which fills the room with a Beam of Light. This light can be redirected onto a large Sun Block, which then vanishes, granting access to the Castle gardens.

These two alternate entrances were discovered by Garo and, apparently, used by them as well. Link can gather clues from Garo within the Castle walls concerning puzzle devices and the battle with Igos du Ikana.[5][6]


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