"Ikana Castle Front Gate
Use what you will, this sealed gate shall never open.

The Ikana Castle Front Gate is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located at the top of Ikana Canyon, the Ikana Castle Front Gate acts as an impenetrable barrier, through which the Ancient Castle of Ikana can be found.

The sign stationed near the Ikana Castle Front Gate reads that the door is sealed tight and will never open. This proves true, as Link can by no means open the gate leading to the castle. However, Link can find an alternate route leading into the fortress; at the top of the hill near the front gate, sits the Empty Well. If Link travels Beneath the Well he will find himself in a dark, cavern-like complex that he must navigate successfully to reach the final chamber. When the hero reaches this point, he obtains the Mirror Shield from a Treasure Chest and finds a pathway leading upward and into the inner garden of the Ancient Castle of Ikana. If the cycle of time is reset by playing the "Song of Time" after this point, he can easily enter the castle again by entering a hole to the left of the Ikana Castle Front Gate and using the Mirror Shield to reflect sun onto the Sun Block, allowing access to the garden behind the gate.

The Ikana Castle Front Gate was likely constructed to keep invaders out, particularly during the Great War of Ikana. This notion appears to be hinted at; if Link wears the Garo's Mask, just outside the Ikana Castle Front Gate, a Garo Robe will appear and challenge him to a duel.

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