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Icy Plain is a location from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Located within the Second Continent, Icy Plain is a frozen wasteland. Here, Tingle finds a graveyard that appears to be haunted.

It is in Icy Plain that Paul and Old Gent crash land their hot air balloon. From here they travel to Port Town while Tingle helps find their missing balloon parts. Later, the Port Town Guard's wife becomes haunted by ghosts. Tingle accompanies the guard to the graveyard to defeat the Ghost Ringleader and dispel his wife's curse.

Like all the regions, Icy Plain is filled with landmarks that can be mapped for the Map-Seller. In this region, Tingle can track down and denote five snowmen who are part of a family to obtain Rupees. The Snow Boy earns Tingle 900 Rupees, the Snow Pet and Snow Mother earns him 1080 Rupees each, the Snow Girl earns him 1500 Rupees and the Snow Father earns him 2100 Rupees.

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