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Icy Big Poes are new type of Big Poe in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. They are nearly identical to Big Poes, the only differences being their appearance and dropped Materials. They have an icy aura around them and carry a lantern in the shape of a Snowman called Icy Big Poe's Talisman, differentiating them from standard Big Poes. Their material drops are Essence of Icy Big Poe and Icy Big Poe's Talismans. Icy Big Poes share similarities in appearance and attacks with Wizzro. In Cia's Tale: Darkness Falls, a group of Icy Big Poes under Wizzro defect with him from the Dark Forces to Ganondorf's Forces.

Dark Icy Big Poe

Hyrule Warriors Big Poe Dark Icy Big Poe (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Icy Big Poe

In addition to regular Icy Big Poe there are also shadowy Dark Icy Big Poe that appear in certain Adventure Mode scenarios.

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