"There's this amazing treasure hidden inside that freezing ring of ice over there. But even if you wanted it and tried to get inside, you'd just be frozen solid as soon as you approached the shore. But...if you go four squares north and three squares west, you'll find the power to melt any ice — no matter how cold! Search for it, small fry!"

Ice Ring Isle (氷山島 Kōri Yama Shima?, Ice Mountain Island) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Ice Ring Isle is located in the southern half of the Great Sea. A small cavern, which holds the Iron Boots, at the center of the island constantly spews out freezing cold air and freezes the surface of the island, which is the only area of the Great Sea to feature snow and ice.


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In order to enter the Wind Temple, Link has to travel to Ice Ring Isle to find the Iron Boots located inside a cavern on the island. However, he finds that he is frozen the minute he sets foot on the island. To get on the island and find the Iron Boots, Link has to shoot a Fire Arrow into the cave spewing out the freezing cold air and then venture into the cavern to retrieve them. However, there is a set time limit before the island will freeze again and throw Link back out into the Great Sea. In addition, as with Fire Mountain, the item found inside may be used to access a shortcut; once Link acquires the Iron Boots, the time limit is removed, and the island will no longer be encased with ice.

After Link receives the Iron Boots from the island, it is possible for him to enter a lower section of the cave by walking to the back of the whirlwind in the cavern and entering a Hidden Hole. Here, he encounters a large number of frozen enemies, which he can thaw with the Fire Arrow and battle. When Link defeats them all, he is rewarded with 100 Rupees.

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