The Ice Palace is the fifth dungeon in the Dark World, and the ninth overall, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is located on an island situated in the middle of Ice Lake in the southeast corner of Hyrule. It is the Dark World equivalent of the Pond of Happiness.


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On his quest to rescue the Seven Maidens, Link must enter the Ice Palace. However, it cannot be entered in any normal fashion in the Dark World. Link must use the Titan's Mitt to lift a stone on the Pond of Happiness's island in Lake Hylia. Beneath the stone is a portal to the Dark World. Utilizing this portal, Link is transported right before the entrance to the Ice Palace.

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Ice Palace

The Ice Palace

As its name suggests, the Ice Palace is ice-themed. In order to advance past the first door, Link must have already acquired the Fire Rod from the Skull Woods, the third dungeon in the Dark World. Once past the first door, there are a plethora of slippery, ice floors, adding some new challenge to normally simple battles. The Ice Palace introduces a number of new foes, including Pengators and Stalfos Knights. This dungeon consists of one main floor, and a staggering seven basement floors. There are many levels to climb and fall through, full of puzzles, some of which require some tedious backtracking. Some of this can be avoided by doing the dungeons out of sequence, tackling Misery Mire first and obtaining the Cane of Somaria, which greatly simplifies a major puzzle near the end of this dungeon. Braving the dungeon results in the Blue Mail, though it is not required to progress further into the game, as well as the fifth Crystal.




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