"Hmmm... Mr. Fairy! I have marked the location of the Triforce shard on your IN-credible Chart, too!"

The IN-credible Chart is a Sea Chart from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

After discovering that he needs to repair the broken Triforce of Courage, Link receives the IN-credible chart in the mail, although he has to pay 201 Rupees for it. This forces him to obtain at least one wallet upgrade before retrieving it. The chart shows the locations of the Triforce Charts needed to find the Triforce Shards for Link to be able to restore the broken relic. This chart automatically crosses off each Triforce Chart that is found, and puts a small Triforce icon on each island square where a Triforce shard can be found after the chart is deciphered by Tingle, which will also be crossed off once salvaged; this crossing-off function is not seen in any of the other sea charts.

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