"Ah, yes, yes. Welcome, welcome! Please, feel free to browse!"

The Hyrule Town Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located in Hyrule Town, it is owned and operated by Stockwell. The Hyrule Town Shop is the most classic Legend of Zelda series shop in the game, having a wide variety of merchandise for Link to purchase.

Link can shrink to Minish size and get behind the counter of the shop, where a Bottle of dog food sits on a crate. Stockwell will notice and tell Link he may keep the bottle if Link feeds his dog, Fifi.

Interestingly, text found within the game's data suggests that the Hyrule Town Shop was originally meant to sell Remote Bombs, the Fire Rod, an item called the Figurine Ticket, the Mirror Shield, and the Magical Boomerang. The text refers to the Magical Boomerang as the Magic Boomerang. The Magical Boomerang was to be sold for 350 Rupees, as were the Fire Rod and Mirror Shield. A Figurine Ticket was to cost 15 Rupees. Remote Bombs came in packages of either 10 (for 40 Rupees) or 30 (for 100 Rupees). It seems the shop was also meant to sell items called Red Top Pieces, Blue Top Pieces, and Green Top Pieces, as well as Red, Blue, and Green Bottom Pieces. This appears to be referring to Kinstone pieces, as in the game's beta stage Kinstone pieces were broken horizontally in half as opposed to vertically.


Item Price
10 Arrows 20 Rupees
Big Bomb Bag 600 Rupees
Big Quiver 600 Rupees
Big Wallet 80 Rupees
10 Bombs 30 Rupees
30 Bombs 80 Rupees
Boomerang 300 Rupees
30 Mysterious Shells 300 Rupees
Small Shield 40 Rupees
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