The Hyrule Ridge is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a region of the Central Hyrule province though it is not as big as Hyrule Field. No large settlements are present in the region and the only people are Hylians who reside in the Tabantha Bridge Stable, Konba at the Footrace Check-In, the Rito minstrel Kass at his hut on Washa's Bluff, disguised Yiga Footsoldiers, and various travelers such as Glendo, and Yammo who occasionally travel through the region. The Ridgeland Tower contains the map data for Hyrule Ridge is located west of Ludfo's Bog. The Sanidin Park Ruins is located on Safula Hill which is home to a herd of wild Horses though a White Horse stands out nearby away from the herd and is believed to be descended from Princess Zelda's White Horse. According to legend Satori Mountain was once home to a sage who was reincarnated into a spirit called the Lord of the Mountain who occasionally appears on the mountain.

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