The Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery (的当て屋 Mato Ate-ya) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Shooting Gallery mini-game is owned by the Man from the Shooting Gallery, and is only accessible and, consequently, playable as a child. It is found in northwestern Hyrule Castle Town. Instead of using a bow, Link is allowed to use his Fairy Slingshot to participate in the game.

While playing the game, ten moving Rupee targets appear at various points across the screen. If Link is to hit all ten, he is rewarded with a Deku Seeds Bullet Bag upgrade, allowing him to carry more Deku Seeds. If Link completes this task again, he will win 50 Rupees. If Link misses no more than two, he is allowed to try again for free.

Seven years later, as Hyrule Castle Town is in ruin, the Shooting Gallery has been moved to Kakariko Village to the building that was undergoing construction in the child portion of the game. It is much the same as its predecessor in Hyrule Castle Town, and Link can participate using his Fairy Bow, which is slightly more challenging than its Castle Town counterpart due to the random sequence in which the Rupees appear.

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