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Hyrule Castle Town
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Castle Town Central Square from Twilight Princess
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Hyrule Castle Town is a location in Twilight Princess. It is a large settlement situated in front of Hyrule Castle, and is the largest and most populous settlement in Hyrule, as well as its capital. It is located in the center of the Lanayru Province.

Features and Overview

Hyrule Castle Town is divided into four sections: the West Road, East Road, South Road, and the Central Square, which connects all other three subsections. The entrance to Hyrule Castle is located north of the town center where Link must go through two sets of double doors to reach the castle's courtyard. All sections of the castle town, with the exception of the Central Square, have an entrance leading from Hyrule Field. Two back alleys connect the longitudes (east and west) with the southern part of the town, which can be used to avoid walking through the Central Square.

Throughout Link's quest, Hyrule Castle Town becomes an important location that the young hero must revisit often. Link first arrives to Hyrule Castle Town as a wolf while traversing through the Twilight-infested Lanayru Province, which has covered the castle town as well. Link follows Ilia's Scent to the capital and into Telma's Bar, where he finds her there and learns that she had found an injured Zora collapsed on the road, which Telma suspects may be related to the ongoing issue at Lake Hylia. Link goes to the lake where he eventually finds the Light Spirit Lanayru and is tasked with finding its Tears of Light, some of which are found in Hyrule Castle Town. Lanayru is eventually revived, restoring light to the entirety of the Lanayru Province, including the castle town. Link returns to town as a human, where he agrees to help escort Telma, Ilia and the injured Zora to Kakariko Village. He also later meets The Resistance at Telma's Bar, a cadre of vigilantes working to restore peace to Hyrule who help him gain access to the Desert Province and later help him find the Mirror Shards of the shattered Mirror of Twilight. It is also here that Link later finds clues to ultimately recover Ilia's memory.

Numerous people walk through the streets and Central Square of Hyrule Castle Town, although many of them are part of the background and cannot be talked to.[1]

When Link first visits Hyrule Castle Town while Twilight covers it, he will not be seen as a result of the fog's effects, however running through town in wolf form while light is restored causes a public uproar. Soldiers soon appear to scare him off, although they will not attack Link. The soldiers will point their spears at him and follow his movements. They can scared off with a Spin Attack. Midna advises that the young hero does not change form until he leaves town, as to avoid an even bigger panic among the locals. If Link walks around Central Square as a wolf, Soldiers will gradually assemble to take care of the situation. If Link chooses to attack them, they will shiver even more, but unlike most civilians, they will not run away until Midna decides to frighten them.

Central Square

Main article: Central Square

The Castle Town Central Square is the busiest section of Hyrule Castle Town. A fountain bearing the Hylian Crest rests in the middle, while a cafe bar can be found in the west portion of the Square.

West Road

The West Road's main attraction is the STAR Game, hosted by Purlo, where Link can win Quiver upgrades. Near the entrance of the West Road is Charlo, an old, bearded man who asks the young hero for donations for the sake of peace in Hyrule.[2] If Link donates 1000 Rupees to Charlo, he will be awarded with a Piece of Heart.

South Road

The Castle Town South Road

The South Road serves as the market of Castle Town. The road's main street is populated by many food booths, ranging from fruit stands to bread stands. However, it also has other items for sale, such as flowers. Link however is unable to buy any of these items since an excuse is always brought up: the apples from another stand are always sweeter, the bread is too expensive, and no one is manning the flower booth.[3][4][5]

Other than the food stands, the South Road has many locations of interest that Link can visit. Agitha's Castle is situated on the west portion of the South Road, where Link can bring Golden Bugs to Agitha to receive a Wallet upgrade as well as Rupees. Next to Agitha's Castle is the Fortune-Telling Mansion, run by Madame Fanadi, who offers to read Link's fortune for a price, whether it be telling him where to go next or showing him the location of a Piece of Heart that he has not yet obtained.[6] On the other side of the South Road is one of the most important locations in the game: Telma's Bar. Link must continuously visit the bar to help him progress through his journey as the bar is the main hangout for the Resistance.[7]

Jovani's House is also located in a small alley behind Telma's Bar. Link stumbles into Jovani's House as he, in wolf form, is trying to reach Princess Zelda in her chamber in Hyrule Castle. After defeating the Poe there, Link becomes tasked by Jovani to hunt the 60 other Poes and collect their Poe Souls so as to restore him to normal. Link can return to Jovani's house anytime by digging in a soft patch next to his door.

East Road

The East Road is one of the quieter areas of Hyrule Castle Town since, presumably, it is where most of the townsfolk live. The only point of interest is Dr. Borville's Medical Clinic, located right before the gate leading to Hyrule Field.[8] It is inside the office where Link obtains the Medicine Scent, which ultimately leads the young hero to retrieve the Wooden Statue.


  • In Twilight Princess HD, new textures were added to Hyrule Castle Town, including a mural featuring, among other races and characters, a Rito, race which is not present in the game nor in the Child Timeline. According to Jack Kirby Crosby, member of Tantalus, company who worked in the graphics reworking of the game, the design of the mural was made up with a story he would like to see in a The Legend of Zelda game, inspired by an artbook of the series. This new texture was added since the original one was low quality.[9]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 城塞都市ハイラル (Jōsai Toshi Hairaru) Hyrule Walled City
French Republic FrenchEU Citadelle d'Hyrule Hyrule Citadel
Italian Republic Italian Borgo del Castello Village Castle



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