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Hyrule Castle is the final dungeon of Breath of the Wild. Prior to the second Great Calamity, it was the government seat of the Kingdom of Hyrule,[1] ruled under King Rhoam.[2] It has since served as the location where Princess Zelda has kept Calamity Ganon sealed while Link was dormant under the Slumber of Restoration.[3][4]

Entrance to the Castle

The gate at the entrance to Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is surrounded on all sides by the Hyrule Castle Moat. The only way that Link can approach it by land is by crossing the bridge from the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins to its south. Beneath this bridge lies a small sapling on an outcropping of land. If Link follows it, it will disappear and reappear elsewhere. Following the sapling around the bridge to the side of the giant, metallic gates at the end of the bridge will cause a Korok to appear, who gives Link a Korok Seed in exchange for finding him.[5] The metallic doors on the gate can be moved with Magnesis or from sufficient concussive damage with Stasis. This gate hides a winding path that surrounds Hyrule Castle and ultimately ends at the castle's Sanctum, where Calamity Ganon lies. The gateway also holds a Korok, hiding underneath a Rock atop its wall. It is possible for Link to approach Hyrule Castle by air with the Paraglider, or by swimming through the moat. As Link nears Hyrule Castle, Ganon will manifest himself and move through the air above the castle before being contained in a radiant burst of light from Princess Zelda in the castle's Sanctum.

There are several entrances to the interior of Hyrule Castle, such as the Docks in the northern side of the castle grounds, as well as tunnels built into the earth supporting it. A break in the walls of the Lockup allow Link direct access to the castle's prison and the Hyrule Castle Underground. Similarly, recesses in the structures of the castle itself allow Link passage to various parts of its key areas, such as with the broken roof atop the Library.

Despite the accessibility of access to Hyrule Castle, the landscape is littered with various kinds of Guardians under Ganon's control. Decayed Guardians and Guardian Turrets can be found stationed along the ground and walls of the castle, and Guardian Skywatchers patrol the air around it. Positioned in formation along the ground just outside of the Hyrule Castle Moat are five leaned pillars made from ancient Sheikah technology, atop of each Link can find broken Guardians, which can be searched for Ancient Materials. These pillars were used to store the legion of Guardians prior to the second Great Calamity.[6] During Ganon's return, the pillars arose around the castle and he seized control of the Guardians inside.[7]

Themes and Navigation

Due to the presence of Ganon's Malice, the Master Sword is perpetually empowered while Link is at Hyrule Castle. Pools of Malice can be found scattered throughout most of the castle grounds as well as within the castle itself. The main entrance to Hyrule Castle itself is overflowing with Malice, forcing Link to ascend the grounds by other means. While in the vicinity of Hyrule Castle, the Sheikah Slate's Map displays a three-dimensional model of Hyrule Castle and its entrances, as well as the positions of Link and Ganon. A primary, winding road from the gate at the entrance to Hyrule Castle leads to the Sanctum where Ganon waits. The bridge between Princess Zelda's Room and Princess Zelda's Study is the location of the 12th Memory, "Father and Daughter."

In a chamber connected to the southern end of the Library, Link can find a Great Frostblade embedded in a mound of rubble. This chamber leads into a hallway that connects to an unnamed armory. In this armory, Link can find two Rusty Broadswords, a Rusty Halberd, a Rusty Claymore, a Rusty Shield, a Royal Halberd, a Royal Claymore, a Royal Bow, a Royal Guard's Bow and a Royal Guard's Shield. There are also wooden crates and barrals which contain arrows, a Fire Arrow, Shock Arrows, apples and acorn.

The upper floor of this armory leads into a series of hallways that converge near the Dining Hall. In these hallways are multiple side rooms that are obstructed by cracked tiles. In the blocked room closest to the armory, Link can find a stone statue of a knight holding a Rusty Claymore, as well as a nut concealing a Korok suspended from the ceiling by a chain. The first hidden chamber on the northern branch of the hallway contains nothing but a Black Lizalfos, while the second holds a Rusty Halberd and a Rusty Claymore. Embedded in a pedestal in the center of this room is a Royal Guard's Sword.

From the pathway between the Lockup and the West Passage, Link can enter a tall chamber leading out of the Hyrule Castle Underground. Here, Link can find a Korok underneath a rock on a broken wooden portion of flooring along a wall in the shaft. The scaffolding in the tall chamber hides a stone treasure chest that holds a Frostblade. Along the eastern wall of this chamber near a waterfall, Link can find a small study with a cracked tile wall hiding an antechamber with a stone Treasure Chest that contains a Shard of Dinraal's Fang. This study also houses a wooden switch that activates a vent of wind in the tall chamber outside. This vent can lead Link to a hallway, the right path of which leads outside to the grounds of Hyrule Castle near Princess Zelda's Room while the left path leads to the Guards' Chamber. The hallway leading to the Guards' Chamber ends in two doorways, one of which is blocked by Malice controlled by a Eye of Malice which can summon Cursed Lizalfos to attack Link. Destroying the Eye of Malice will open the path forward, allowing Link to continue into another hallway with a cooking pot. This hallway bears two accessible doors, the first of which leads down into the Guards' Chamber, while the latter leads to the entrance along the road nearest the gateway to Hyrule Castle. Another doorway is blocked by an immovable wall of Malice, prohibiting direct access to the Observation Room. On the wall at the base of the stairs down to the Guards' Chamber is a cracked tile wall which hides a small chamber with a treasure chest that contains three Ancient Arrows. Also in this room is a wooden object suspended by a chain from the ceiling. If it is destroyed, a Korok will appear and give Link a Korok Seed as thanks for finding him.[5]

The other doorway in the initial path to the Guards' Chamber leads to a heavily damaged stairwell that is blocked by another Eye of Malice. If destroyed, the Malice covering the flight of stairs will disappear, allowing Link access to the colonnade along the road near the First Gatehouse. This area once functioned as a garden. A single Guardian Turret can be found inside the colonnade. Beneath the staircase, Link can find a Royal Broadsword, a Royal Shield and a treasure chest housing three Ancient Arrows.

Path to the Sanctum

To the right of the gate to Hyrule Castle stands a tower which holds a stone treasure chest containing five Bomb Arrows. The roof of this tower also bears a stone treasure chest containing five Ice Arrows. The main road to the Sanctum continues to the west of this tower, beyond a Decayed Guardian on the roadside. The path along the road is interrupted by a strip of Malice covering the ground along the road as well as the sides of the cliffs to either side of the road. A nearby doorway offers a detour into the castle around to the Guards' Chamber, where Link can return outside into a courtyard just beyond the strip of Malice that blocked the road. Link can remove this Malice by striking the Eye of Malice on the far side of the Malice, opening a small path in the roadway. A rock on the stone wall near the Eye of Malice hides a Korok underneath.

The aforementioned courtyard sits beneath a second tower, guarded by a Guardian Turret. On the floor inside the tower sits a Rusty Shield, and a Royal Bow can be found on the end of the wall north of the tower. The main road continues along a curved slope in front of the tower into the First Gatehouse. The main road continuing from the First Gatehouse is obstructed by a massive cluster of Malice. However, a side road branching from the main road across a small bridge and underneath a colonnade. The side road continues along the path until it is obstructed by the remains of a landslide, where a Decayed Guardian watches from an angle. An unmarked branch of this road continues left, down a flight of stairs into the northern entrance of the Library. However, it is possible for Link to simply walk around the rubble and continue along the side road. Beyond the landslide sits a pool of water beside the road. A metallic treasure chest containing five Bomb Arrows is hidden in this water. A Guardian Skywatcher patrols the road near the pool of water.

Beyond the pool of water, the side road continues to another landslide. When Link approaches the landslide, an inactive Guardian will fall from above. Link can walk along the narrow strip of land around the landslide to continue along the side road which passes the Dining Hall. The road continuing from the bridge beyond the Dining Hall meets back with the main road, on the other side of the massive collection of Malice. A Eye of Malice can be found on this side of the Malice, which will clear enough of the Malice covering the main road for Link to travel between his position and the First Gatehouse. From here, the main road continues along to the Second Gatehouse nearby.

The main road beyond the Second Gatehouse curves around a series of stone walls. Along the wall on the inward curve of the road is a tower that holds a stone treasure chest with five Bomb Arrows stored inside. A second stone treasure chest on the roof of this tower holds five Shock Arrows. After the main road curves around the tower and its corresponding wall, it is once again obstructed by a thin strip of Malice connected to a Glowing Eye between two thin, short towers. Beyond this strip of Malice, the main road curves once more before turning straight for the entrance of the Sanctum. A ledge beneath the final curve hosts a cracked boulder, which can be bombed to unveil a rock under which a Korok can be found.

Unmarked Paths

Beyond the bridge crossing between Princess Zelda's Room and Princess Zelda's Study, Link can find a small tower to the left-hand side of the side road. The roof of this tower holds a stone treasure chest with five Ice Arrows. At the bottom of this tower is a small, unmarked path trailing down the side of Hyrule Castle's grounds. At the end of this path stands a pool of water with a metallic treasure chest that can be retrieved with Magnesis to yield ten Ice Arrows. A stone wall along the ledge of this path bears two towers. Two stone treasure chests can be found the roofs of both towers, both containing bundles of five Bomb Arrows each. A larger pool of water near the second tower hides a treasure chest containing five Ice Arrows. A break in the road along the stone wall leads to the entrance to the Lockup and the Docks.

Across the dried remains of a waterfall at the top of the slope near where the unmarked road begins sits a cracked rock which hides a stone treasure chest containing five Bomb Arrows. A tower stands beneath a series of ledges from this chest, and atop this tower's roof Link can find a stone treasure chest that holds five Fire Arrows. Another cracked boulder sits along the ground closest to the cliff on the interior portion of the stone wall connected to this tower. Beneath the cracked boulder is a stone treasure chest that holds five Shock Arrows. A third cracked boulder sits on the ledge southeast of the stone wall. The stone treasure chest underneath holds Dinraal's Scale.

Following the path around the grounds of Hyrule Castle, Link can find the entrance to the East Passage. The ledge beneath the entrance to the East Passage holds a fourth cracked boulder, under which Link can find a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees, from the stone treasure chest beneath. A stone wall sits on the ledge above the entrance to the East Passage, where a stone treasure chest can be found atop the roof of the wall's corresponding tower. This chest contains three Ancient Arrows. The stone wall encompasses the exterior of the Library, where Link can find a fifth cracked boulder that hides a Ruby. The water north of the cracked boulder features a row of lily pads, which Link can jump into to reveal a Korok. Also in these waters is a metallic treasure chest that holds five Ice Arrows.

A land bridge from the nearby tower continues to an empty ledge overlooking another tower. The stone Treasure Chest atop the roof of this tower holds five Shock Arrows. The wall north of this tower holds a giant stone slab which can be moved by using Stasis in conjunction with a weapon. Underneath this slab is a stone treasure chest containing a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees. In the vacant space created by this wall sits a sixth cracked boulder, which holds a stone treasure chest with a Gold Rupee, valued at 300 Rupees. The southern extension of the tower's wall leads into a cliff, where another walled tower stands at the top. The stone chest on this tower's roof contains five Fire Arrows. The wall from this tower leads up a rock ledge, the path of which meets with the road near the Dining Hall.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is a spacious room once used for dining by the denizens of Hyrule Castle. The entrance to the Dining Hall can be found on a break in the main road to the Sanctum just before the Second Gatehouse. Since the Great Calamity, the Dining Hall has been destroyed and occupied by Moblins, two of which consistently carry a Silverscale Spear and a Stone Smasher, respectively. Link can find various Materials scattered along the remains of the dining tables, which are in order from north to south: a Molduga Fin, a Hydromelon, Fleet-Lotus Seeds, an Apple, Raw Prime Meat, Raw Meat, a Raw Bird Drumstick, a Raw Whole Bird, a Raw Bird Thigh, a Silent Shroom, a Hearty Truffle, a Razorshroom, a Big Hearty Truffle, a Zapshroom, a Chillshroom, a Stamella Shroom, a Rushroom, a Sunshroom and Raw Gourmet Meat.

On the northern end of the Dining Hall sits a fireplace, which hides a Royal Guard's Spear in the firebox. Atop the chandelier in the middle of the Dining Hall is a Royal Bow. A Campfire and an unlit cooking pot can be found on the southern end of the Dining Hall. Numerous pots, wooden crates and barrels can be found along the walls of the Dining Hall. On the Dining Hall's western wall stand three wooden doorways connected to a forked hallway which leads to both the Library and the Observation Room.


The Docks

The Docks are located inside a cavern on the northern end of the grounds of Hyrule Castle. Atop a ledge at the entrance of the Docks is a Rock that can be lifted to unveil a Korok hiding underneath. Along the pathway inside the Docks rests a Great Flameblade lodged in a pedestal between two Torches.

In the water near the Docks, Link can find two wooden treasure chests, containing five Shock Arrows and one Ancient Arrow, respectively. These chests can be lifted out of the water with Cryonis. Beneath the waters of the Docks, Link can find two metallic treasure chests containing a Star Fragment and a Gold Rupee, respectively. The waters of the Docks also harbor Hearty Salmon.

The pathway to the Docks continue upwards in a stairway leading to six Torches surrounding a large, unlit Torch. If Link lights the middle Torch, Saas Ko'sah Shrine will rise from the ground nearby, granting Link entrance. A pathway beyond these Torches leads to a secret passage behind a metallic bookshelf connecting the Docks and the Library.

Minor Enemies

First Gatehouse

The First Gatehouse

The First Gatehouse is a small tower along the pathway up to the Sanctuary. The entrance to the First Gatehouse is flanked by two Guardian Turrets. If Link enters the First Gatehouse, a Blue-Maned Lynel will drop from the ceiling and the portcullises at the entrance and exit of the Gatehouse will drop, entrapping Link. Defeating the Lynel will cause the portcullises to raise and a metallic treasure chest to appear in place of the Lynel. This chest contains ten Bomb Arrows. A stone treasure chest on the upper level of the First Gatehouse holds five Bomb Arrows. A Korok is hidden at the top of the spire on the First Gatehouse's roof, who can be uncovered by examining the glowing leaves.

Minor Enemies

Guards' Chamber

The Guards' Chamber

The Guards' Chamber is a multi-leveled room on the western side of Hyrule Castle that was once used by the royal guards. It is situated right beneath the First Gatehouse but cannot be entered from outside the castle. The top floor of the Guards' Chamber is split into two sections with the southeastern portion serving as entry and exit points and the northwestern segment being used for storage. The southeastern side features a Floor Switch near the entrance which can be held down to release a wooden portcullis leading to a small courtyard on the southwestern side of the Castle. A path along this courtyard leads directly into the First Gatehouse. The northwestern side of the top floor of the Guards' Chamber is inaccessible by foot as the stairway from the middle floor has broken. However, Link is able to climb along the wall to reach it instead to find two wooden treasure chests which contain a Silver Rupee and five Bomb Arrows. Laid along the wall behind these chests are a Falcon Bow and a Rusty Halberd.

The middle floor of the Guards' Chamber is the most spacious, featuring the remains of several wooden dummies and archery targets as well as a small cluster of Bomb Barrels scattered around the floor. Loosely-rigged shelves along the northern wall of this floor hold multiple Bomb Barrels and a long, metal slab which can be used to cross the gap on the northwestern stairs. A campfire sits beneath these shelves, placed evenly between two torches. Along the eastern wall, Link can find a Knight's Claymore, a Knight's Halberd and a Rusty Shield. Beneath the stone staircase near the entrance is a small alcove covered by dead leaves. Inside the alcove, Link can find a stone treasure chest containing a Shard of Naydra's Fang.

The bottom floor of the Guards' Chamber holds a small sparring square where a Moblin holding a Royal Guard's Claymore sits waiting. Near the square are three knight statues holding a Rusty Claymore, a Royal Claymore and a Rusty Shield, respectively. Three wooden crates hide a small alcove underneath the second stone staircase. In this alcove, Link can find a stone treasure chest housing a Savage Lynel Shield.

Minor Enemies

Hyrule Castle Underground

The Hyrule Castle Underground encompasses a number of locations beneath the grounds of Hyrule Castle which serve several different purposes. Notably, the East Passage connects to the Library while the Lockup acts as the punitive dungeons. The West Passage serves as another path to the Lockup.

East Passage

The East Passage

The East Passage is a sprawling cavern situated on the northeastern side of the Hyrule Castle grounds. Inside the entrance of the East Passage are wooden crates and Barrels filled with Arrows, Apples, Swift Violets and a Mighty Thistle. Near the entrance rests a stone treasure chest containing five Bomb Arrows. In front of the treasure chest sits a mine cart on a track that leads further into the East Passage. Further along in the East Passage is a room containing a cooking pot and a Royal Guard's Sword on a raised edge and a shallow pool of water hosting four ice formations, the largest of which hides a Korok who can be found by melting it. Interspersed through this room are Ore Deposits and a Rare Ore Deposit.

A Stone Talus (Rare) can be found in the chamber where the rails end, beneath a vertical tunnel shaft. If the Stone Talus is defeated, a vent of air will appear where it once rested, allowing easy travel up the shaft. The shaft itself continues into a tunnel leading north, connecting to a break in the southern wall of the first floor of the Library. However, this gap is filled by Malice connected to a Eye of Malice. A ledge on the southern side of the shaft holds a treasure chest which contains a Shard of Farosh's Fang.

Minor Enemies


The main hall of the Lockup

The Lockup is a series of dungeon cells found under the northeastern side of the Hyrule Castle grounds. The entrance is guarded by a Decayed Guardian and is decorated with Luminous Stone Deposits. Inside the Lockup rests a wooden crate containing Endura Shrooms and a Big Hearty Truffle beside a portcullis. The portcullis is placed over a small pool of water, allowing Link to lift it with Cryonis to gain entry into the Lockup. It is also possible for Link to enter from the side of the cliff bearing the Lockup, placing him inside a cell opposite a Eye of Malice. If defeated, the Eye of Malice will release its control on a wooden switch placed between the two cells, consequently opening the parallel cells. Inside the cell with the Eye of Malice, Link can find a Royal Guard's Claymore.

Subsequent cells in the Lockup are occupied by various Moblins and Lizalfos, which will try to attack Link through the cell bars if they are unable to reach him directly. As the switch is broken, the third cell on the left-hand side can only be accessed through a cracked tile wall between the second and third cells. Inside rests a stone treasure chest that contains a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees. A second Eye of Malice connected to a mass of Malice occupies the switch between the fourth row of cells. The right-hand cell contains a Blizzard Rod and a Rusty Shield, while the left-hand side hosts a cracked tile wall that leads into a passage connecting to the West Passage.

The room where the Test of the Royal Guard takes place

The end of the waterway beyond the cells bears a stone treasure chest containing a Topaz. A spacious side chamber at the far end of the Lockup was initially used for the Test of the Royal Guard, a combat trial to determine those worthy of becoming royal knights.[8] Following the destruction of Hyrule Castle, it stands occupied by a lone Stalnox. If Link enters the chamber, the portcullis at the entrance will close behind him, forcing him to defeat the Stalnox in order to escape.

Embedded within the Stalnox's bones are a Royal Halberd, a Great Thunderblade and a Royal Broadsword. When the Stalnox is defeated, the portcullis will rise and a metallic treasure chest will appear. Inside it is a Hylian Shield, the reward for attaining knighthood.

Minor Enemies

West Passage

The West Passage

The West Passage is a defunct tunnel system located inside the west side of Hyrule Castle's grounds. The entrance of the West Passage is marked by several Luminous Stone Deposits and can be found near the waters of the Hyrule Castle Moat due west of the bridge to Hyrule Castle. Inside, Link can find a number of wooden crates filled with arrows and apples, as well as an unlit cooking pot and a stone treasure ches which contains a Diamond. A cracked tile wall separates the entrance of the West Passage to the rail system located deeper inside, which can carry Link through the tunnels of the West Passage to a cavernous chamber.

This chamber was a Guardian excavation site, as evidenced by the five half-buried, broken Guardians along the southern wall. A bird's nest holding two eggs can be found on one of the Guardians, the contents of which can be carried over to the Hot Spring opposite the Guardians where three statues sit with their own corresponding pools of hot water. Hard-Boiled Eggs can be found on the flanking pools, indicating that Link must place a Bird Egg in the middle pool, boiling it. Once he has done so, a Korok will appear and give Link a Korok Seed for finding him.[5] A sloped ledge above the Hot Spring leads further into a tunnel that ends at a cracked tile wall. If destroyed, it will open up a passage to the Lockup.

Minor Enemies

King's Study

The King's Study is a small chamber hidden behind a metallic bookcase on the northern wall of the Library. Inside the King's Study, Link may find King Rhoam's Journal, a personal diary of King Rhoam detailing the birth and subsequent life of his daughter Zelda. A Royal Guard's Shield can be found resting along the northern wall of the King's Study, and a treasure chest can be found along its southern wall with a Gold Rupee, valued at 300 Rupees.


The Library

The Library is a four-story room found on the eastern side of Hyrule Castle. The first and third floors are used for book storage while the second and fourth are connected to stairways and are used to access different parts of the Library and the rest of the castle. Due to Ganon's influence, the Library has fallen into disrepair and much of the architecture of the Library has fallen apart. Portions of the Library are covered in Malice, further inhibiting travel by foot to parts of the Library. Segments of the Library's roof have given way, allowing travel between the interior of the Library and the exterior of the castle.

The Library is the resting place of the Castle Library Books. The first issue can be found resting on a table in the center of the Library's ground floor while the second is located on a podium on the western side of the third floor. The Library also contains several hidden rooms and passages behind metallic bookcases which can be moved with Magnesis. A row of bookcases on the eastern side of the ground floor hosts a metallic bookcase that gives way to a tunnel to Hyrule Castle's Docks. The row of bookcases opposite the bookcase leading to the Docks holds a metallic bookcase that hides a flight of stairs to a small excavation site.[9] The western side of the excavation site shows a red Ancient Wall hidden beneath the rock. Inside the tunnel of the excavation site, Link can find a Stone Smasher, an Ore Deposit, a Rare Ore Deposit and a treasure chest containing a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees. The northern wall on the ground floor holds a bookcase that hides the King's Study, where Link may read King Rhoam's Journal. Metallic doors and crates can be found scattered along the floors of the Library, hinting that Link must use Magnesis to fully explore it.

The doorway on the second floor leads to a staircase to a side road on the northern side of the castle grounds. The doorway on the fourth floor leads to a chamber connecting to an unnamed armory.

Minor Enemies

Observation Room

The Observation Room

The Observation Room is a surveying spot positioned due north of the gateway to Hyrule Castle, overlooking the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins. Initially, it is entirely inaccessible from all sides, as Malice blocks all apertures connecting to the Observation Room. A Eye of Malice in the adjacent Reception Room controls the walls of Malice which block the doorway to the Observation Room, and must be destroyed in order for Link to enter. The interior of the Observation Room is decorated with a lone, avian statue flanked by two stairs leading to an upper level where the viewing platform is. Behind the statue on the upper level sits a pedestal which holds a Thunderblade. Beyond the pedestal is a wall of Malice connected to a Eye of Malice that obstructs the archways leading to the viewing platform.

Two bundle sets of five Arrows can be found on the grounds of the viewing platform and a Royal Bow can be found resting on the battlement. A stonetTreasure chest containing three Ancient Arrows sits beside the Royal Bow. On the left-hand side of the viewing platform is a pinwheel that, when approached, spawns a balloon above the eastern tower on the gate to Hyrule Castle. If this balloon is struck, a Korok will appear and give Link a Korok Seed for finding him.[5]

Minor Enemies

Princess Zelda's Room

Princess Zelda's Room

Princess Zelda's Room is Zelda's personal quarter on the western side of Hyrule Castle. The entrance to Princess Zelda's Room connecting to the rest of the castle, which is said to have reached the Sanctum from within, has collapsed, blocking off access to the interior of the castle. However, it is possible to access Princess Zelda's Room from a consecutive series of stairs from a break in the road to the Sanctum. Princess Zelda's Room is a spacious chamber which has fallen into a severe state of disrepair. Various pieces of furniture stand broken and scattered across the room, and several loose pages of notes are littered around the desk. Atop the desk rests Zelda's Diary, a journal recording her inner thoughts as well as her experiences with her newly-appointed knight, Link.

A lone Moblin can be found stationed in front of the fireplace inside Princess Zelda's Room, wielding an Edge of Duality. The mantel of the fireplace holds a Royal Guard's Bow, and a bundle of five arrows can be found on the ground beside the Moblin. In the northwestern corner of Princess Zelda's Room stands an opaque glass folding screen which hides a stone treasure chest that contains a Silver Rupee, valued at 100 Rupees. The stairway to the upper level of Princess Zelda's Room has been utterly demolished, forcing Link to climb in order to reach the second floor. The upper level features very little, save for a doorway leading to a bridge that connects to the tower with Princess Zelda's Study.

Minor Enemies

Princess Zelda's Study

Princess Zelda's Study

Princess Zelda's Study is a small room located in a tower structure connected to Princess Zelda's Room by a bridge. The bridge and the air encircling Princess Zelda's Study is patrolled by a lone Guardian Skywatcher. The interior of the study is filled with several books, charts and rotted plants and much of the interior has fallen into a state of decay.

Placed open-faced on the desk at the far end of the study is a book containing Zelda's Research Notes, a log detailing Zelda's findings with her fieldwork on ancient Sheikah technology as well as the effort to pilot the Divine Beasts with the Champions at the helm.[10][11] A Silent Princess can be found growing in the mound of rubble near the center of the room, an allegory of Zelda's love of research over her regal duties.[12][13]

The spire at the top of the study's tower hides a Korok which can be found by climbing the spire and examining the glowing cluster of leaves floating near it.


The exterior of the Sanctum

The Sanctum was formerly the throne room for the Royal Family of Hyrule, which sits near the top of the central tower of Hyrule Castle. Even in its ruined condition, it is heavily decorated with banners, statues, and carpets. The floor of the Sanctum is decorated with a circular pattern with the symbol of the Triforce engraved in the center, and the Marks of the Goddesses positioned in the center of each respective Triforce piece while the Wingcrest sits in the negative space created by the triangles. The metal decoration above the throne bears the symbol of the Triforce and a circular music scale depicting "Zelda's Lullaby." The Sanctum is a multi-tiered structure featuring several floors extending above the base level. The middle floor of the Sanctum called the Champions’ Hall bisects it, bearing a hexagonal recess which has since been occupied by a fusion of Malice and ancient Sheikah technology resembling a corrupted form of the technology found in the Shrine of Resurrection. This mix of Malice and Sheikah technology suspend Ganon above the circular pattern on the base floor of the Sanctum, which can be better seen from the upper floors of the Sanctum. A broken, inactive Guardian Stalker can be seen suspended from this Malice-covered ceiling. The next highest floor is the Sanctum Observation Room that offers a supreme view of the surrounding land. Above that is the bell tower, the highest point in the castle. Outward from the throne and overlooking the main floor, there are two torches which can be lit, but if Link steps further towards the nearby raised floor, the battle with Ganon will initiate.

The interior of the Sanctum's first floor

A small, cut log on the southern portion of the Sanctum's roof activates a timed puzzle, creating a ring on the spire just south of it. If Link reaches it in time, a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed for finding him.[5] A second Korok can be found in the bell tower far above the Sanctum, hidden by a balloon which must be popped. A third can be found on the spire at the very top of Hyrule Castle, far above the Sanctum. Due to the sheer height of this spire, the Temperature is freezing, requiring Link to use at least one method of cold resistance. The bell tower also hosts a stone treasure chest which contains five Ancient Arrows.

Following the Great Calamity, Zelda used her newly-awakened sealing power to contain Ganon within the interior of the Sanctum where he bides his time and gathers strength to escape her grasp.[4] If Link enters the lower floors of the Sanctum without having defeated any of the Blight Ganons controlling each of the Divine Beasts, Ganon will summon them from their position inside the Divine Beasts to fight against Link. They will consistently appear in the order of Windblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon and Thunderblight Ganon. If Link defeated any of them prior to entering the Sanctum, they will not appear and Ganon will summon the next in the sequence. Upon their collective defeat, Ganon will break free from Zelda's sealing magic,[14] bursting the Malice-like container dangling from the ceiling before descending upon the Sanctum's floor. Due to Ganon's weight, the fall breaks the floor of the Sanctum, casting both him and Link down into a deep pit ending in the Astral Observatory.

Astral Observatory

Link inside the Astral Observatory

The Astral Observatory[15][note 1] is the chamber in which Ganon is fought. It is a hollow, hemispherical chamber made from ancient Sheikah technology situated far beneath the Sanctum. Scattered on the floor along the walls of the Observatory are various items which can assist Link in the fight against Ganon. These items are: a bundle of ten Bomb Arrows, a Royal Broadsword, a Royal Shield, a bundle of five Arrows, a Royal Bow, a Royal Halberd and a Royal Claymore.

Following Ganon's escape from Zelda's sealing magic, Link and Ganon both safely fall into the Observatory and engage in combat. If Link has freed the Divine Beasts from Ganon's control, the Champions piloting each Divine Beast—in the same pattern of the aforementioned Blight Ganons that Link would otherwise fight[16][17][18][19]—will launch an attack on Hyrule Castle and converge the beams emitted from their Divine Beasts down the pit, pelting Ganon with an array of lasers which whittle his health down cumulatively. The damage dealt from each Divine Beast is measured in increments of 12.5%, with all four Divine Beasts inflicting enough damage to remove 50% of Ganon's total health. If Link has not freed any Divine Beast, the battle will begin with no initial damage dealt to Ganon. Upon defeating Ganon, he will shed his mortal form and escape from the Observatory to Hyrule Field. Following suit, Zelda will transport Link to Ganon's location, where she explains that he has assumed his most true and basic form as the very embodiment of his rage, Dark Beast Ganon, in a final attempt to destroy Hyrule.[20]

Second Gatehouse

The Second Gatehouse

The Second Gatehouse is a small tower along the path to the Sanctum continuing from the First Gatehouse. Much like the First Gatehouse, it is flanked by two Guardian Turrets. If Link enters the Second Gatehouse, the portcullises at the entrance and exit will close and a White-Maned Lynel will descend from the ceiling and attack Link. Upon defeat, the portcullises will rise and the Lynel will drop a metallic treasure chest containing three Ancient Arrows. A stone treasure chest on the upper level on the Second Gatehouse contains five Bomb Arrows. The conical spire roof of the Second Gatehouse has broken in at places, giving Link access to the interior which holds a stone treasure chest. Inside it is a Royal Guard's Spear. A Korok is hidden at the top of the spire, requiring Link to examine the glimmering cluster of leaves to uncover him.

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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseハイラル城Hyrule Castle
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR海拉魯城堡 
NetherlandsDutchKasteel Hyrule 
CanadaFrenchCAChâteau d'Hyrule 
FranceFrenchEUChâteau d'Hyrule 
GermanyGermanSchloss Hyrule 
ItalyItalianCastello di Hyrule 
South KoreaKorean하이랄 성 
RussiaRussianЗамок Хайрул 
SpainSpanishEUCastillo de Hyrule[21]Same as English.
Latin AmericaSpanishLACastillo de Hyrule[22]Same as English.
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  1. Sheikah text on the floor refers to this room as the "Laboratory." However, it is likely this is simply an alias, as Creating a Champion refers to this area as the "Astral Observatory."


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