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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap uses the form of Hylian text introduced in The Wind Waker, which is based on Japanese kana.

Due to the linguistic differences between English and Japanese, many translations can be highly contextual and open to interpretation. The translations listed below should be considered the best available estimates.


Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Official artwork TMC Link Artwork 12.png

ゼルダノ デンセツ
フシギノ ボウシ

The Legend of Zelda: The Wonder Hat
Elemental Sanctuary stained glass TMC Stained Glass Artwork.png フオース [note 1] ハ ヒメト トモニ クニヲ テラス。 フォースは姫と共に国を照らす。 The force illuminates the country with the princess.
Dungeon Map artwork TMC Dungeon Map Artwork.png ジヨン マツブ [note 2] …ジョン マッブ [Dun]geon Mab [sic]
1。 トラツプ [note 3] オオシ
2。 テキスクナメ
3。 ユダンハキンモツ
1.トラップ 多し
1. Traps are numerous
2. Enemies are somewhat sparse
3. Carelessness is unconscionable
オタカラ2 お宝2 Treasure 2
ボス ボス Boss
イズミ Fountain
イキドマリ 行き止まり Dead end
オタカラ1 お宝1 Treasure 1
シンノユウシヤニ [note 4] コウウンヲ 真の勇者に幸運を Good luck to the true hero
Ezlo when shrinking TMC Minish Portal Sprite 4.png チ イ サ ク ナ レ 小さくなれ Shrink

Royal Hyrule Library

Note: View the full shelf here.

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Top shelf, Books 3–6 TMC Library Book Sprite.png

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4
1, 2, 3, 4
Top shelf, Book 7 TMC Library Book Sprite 2.png ハイラルノレキシ ハイラルの歴史 History of Hyrule
Top shelf, Books 8–9 TMC Library Book Sprite 3.png

1 2

1 2
Of Ancient Civilization
1 & 2
Middle shelf, Book 3 TMC Library Book Sprite 4.png


キノコ図鑑 Mushroom Encyclopedia
Middle shelf, Books 5–6 TMC Library Book Sprite 5.png

1 2

1 2
The World of Stars
1 & 2
Bottom shelf, Book 1 TMC Library Book Sprite 6.png マツリノシキタリ 祭りの仕来り Festival Customs
Bottom shelf, Book 2 TMC Library Book Sprite 7.png


お花図鑑 Flower Encyclopedia
Bottom shelf, Books 4 & 8 TMC Library Book Sprite 8.png TMC Library Book Sprite 10.png フシギノキノミ 不思議の木の実 Mysterious Seed [note 5]
Bottom shelf, Books 6–7 TMC Library Book Sprite 9.png

1 2

1 2
Tub and Hose
1 & 2 [note 6]
Bottom shelf, Book 11 TMC Library Book Sprite 11.png マツリノウタ 祭りの歌 Festival Songs


  1. Should be: フォース
  2. Should be: ジョン マップ
  3. Should be: トラップ
  4. Should be: シンノユウシャニ
  5. This is a reference to the Japanese title for Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, with the books' colors representing the games' box art and logos.
  6. This is a pun on トライフォース (Triforce). It can be considered the Japanese version of "Triumph Forks".

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