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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks uses the form of Hylian text introduced in The Wind Waker, which is based on Japanese kana.

Due to the linguistic differences between English and Japanese, many translations can be highly contextual and open to interpretation. The translations listed below should be considered the best available estimates.


Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Prize Postcard ST Prize Postcards Model.png
ポトマン [note 1] ポ◯トマン Po◯tman
("Postman", likely)
ST Prize Postcards Back Model.png
タノシイ たのしい Fun
ケンショウ けんしょう Sweepstakes
Letter ST Letter Model.png ? ? ?
Royal Engineer's Certificate ST Royal Engineer's Certificate Model.png
(Text is reversed)
アナタヲ ハイラルオウコウ
キカンシニ ニンメイシマス
シヨシン [note 2] ワスレルベカラズ
ハイラルコウオウ ゼルダ
機関士に 任命します
書信 忘れるべからず
ハイラル国王 ゼルダ
I appoint thee as an engineer
of the Kingdom of Hyrule
Forget thee not this letter
Zelda, Queen of Hyrule
Membership Card ST Club Card Model.png ポイント ポイント Point
Silver Card ST Silver Card.png シルバー シルバー Silver
Gold Card ST Gold Card.png ゴールド ゴールド Gold
Platinum Card ST Platinum Card.png プラチナ プラチナ Platinum
Diamond Card ST Diamond Card.png ダイヤモンド ダイヤモンド Diamond
Freebie Card ST Freebie Card.png ムリョウ むりょう Free
Quintuple Points Card ST Quintuple Points Card.png 5バイ 5バイ Quintuple
Ancient Gold Piece ST Ancient Gold Piece Model.png ハイラル ギンコウ ハイラル銀行 Hyrule Bank

New Hyrule

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Beedle's Air Shop ST Beedle's Air Shop Model.png テリー
シヨツプ [note 3]
Terry Shop [note 4]

Castle Town

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Cucco Pen Sign ST Cucco Sign Model.png ヨーケージヨ [note 5] 養鶏所 Chicken Farm
Papers on Zelda's Desk ST Ending Zelda's Desk.png ? ? ?

Wellspring Station

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Ferrus's House ST Ferrus's House.png テツオ テツオ Tetsuo [note 6]
Ferrus's Note ST Ferrus's Note.png ゲキシヤアツプ [note 7] 激写アップ Perfect Shot UP
イエ Home

Ocean Sanctuary

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Carben's Sign ST Carben's Sign Model.png ミズノマチ ヘ
イツテキマス [note 8]
Gone to Water Town

Sand Temple

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Puzzle Sign ST Sand Temple Sign.png ヒトツメトミツアイダバシヨ


Place between first and [third]
...The gate's seal sleeps

Stamp Book

Location Image Hylian Transliteration Meaning
Aboda Village ST Aboda Village Stamp.png モヨリムラ モヨリ村 Moyori Village [note 9]
Castle Town ST Castle Town Stamp.png ハイラル ジョウカミチ ハイラル 城下町 Hyrule Castle Town
Whittleton ST Whittleton Stamp.png サクーヨ サクーヨ Sakūyo [note 10]
Forest Sanctuary ST Forest Sanctuary Stamp.png モリノホコラ 森の叢祠 Forest Sanctuary
Forest Temple ST Forest Temple Stamp.png モリノ シンデン 森の神殿 Forest Temple
Anouki Village ST Anouki Village Stamp.png ユキワロシノムラ ユキワロシの村 Yukiwaroshi Village [note 11]
Snow Sanctuary ST Snow Sanctuary Stamp.png ユキノホコラ 雪の叢祠 Snow Sanctuary
Wellspring Station ST Wellspring Station Stamp.png テツオ テツオ Tetsuo [note 6]
Snow Temple ST Snow Temple Stamp.png ユキノ シンデン 雪の神殿 Snow Temple
Trading Post ST Trading Post Stamp.png ラインバツク [note 12]
シヨウカイ [note 13]
Linebeck Company
Papuchia Village ST Papuchia Village Stamp.png パプチア パプチア Papuchia
Ocean Sanctuary ST Ocean Sanctuary Stamp.png ウミノホコラ 海の叢祠 Ocean Sanctuary
Ocean Temple ST Ocean Temple Stamp.png ウミノシンデン 海の神殿 Ocean Temple
Pirate Hideout ST Pirate Hideout Stamp.png アジト アジト Hideout
Goron Village ST Goron Village Stamp.png ゴロンノムラ ゴロンの村 Goron Village
Fire Sanctuary ST Fire Sanctuary Stamp.png ヒノホコラ 火の叢祠 Fire Sanctuary
Fire Temple ST Fire Temple Stamp.png ヒノシンデン 火の神殿 Fire Temple
Sand Sanctuary ST Sand Sanctuary Stamp.png スナノホコラ 砂の叢祠 Sand Sanctuary
Sand Temple ST Sand Temple Stamp.png スナノシンデン 砂の神殿 Sand Temple
Tower of Spirits ST Tower of Spirits Stamp.png
(Text is duplicated and flipped)
カミノトウ 神の塔 Tower of Spirits


  1. Seems to mimic a "fill-in-the-blank" quiz for postcard sweepstakes.
  2. Should be: ショシン
  3. Should be: ショップ
  4. "Terry" is the Japanese name for Beedle.
  5. Should be: ヨーケージョ
  6. 6.0 6.1 "Tetsuo" is the Japanese name for Ferrus.
  7. Should be: ゲキシャアップ
  8. Should be: イッテキマス
  9. "Moyori" is the Japanese name for Aboda.
  10. "Sakūyo" is the Japanese name for Whittleton.
  11. "Yukowaroshi" is the Japanese name for Anouki.
  12. Should be: ラインバック
  13. Should be: ショウカイ

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