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Majora's Mask shares the same Hylian alphabet as Ocarina of Time, which is based on Japanese. Most of the text in Majora's Mask appears to be nonsensical random symbols, with many of the shop signs being mirror images of the symbols. Those that are not mirror-imaged are either random sequences of symbols that do not translate into anything, or graphic elements; e.g. the square signs and the Romani Ranch sign, being borrowed directly from Ocarina of Time without any change.

* = Confirmation required

Location Image Romaji (Hylian) Japanese English
Laundry Pool Bell Laundry Pool Bell.png i he a to sa
(mirrored over the horizontal)
*いへあとさ ?
Stock Pot Inn Bell Stock Pot Inn Bell.png e ma e えまえ
(Emae; loosely "oemasu")
Ends it
Darmani III's Grave Darmani's Grave.png ri i sa ri
ko ru n ma
sa ri mu ko
ko ko ma ma
*り い さ り
*こ る ん ま
*さ り む こ
*こ こ ま ま
Captain Viscen's Recruitment Poster MM Soldier Recruitment Poster.png i ri yu tsu i ko!!!
•ko tsu sa yu ri tsu tsu
yu i ru yu sa tsu ko i
ru i ma i yu n kou
ma mu ru!!!...
•yu tsu mu i tsu n i n
mu sa ri i sa i ko tsu
mu i re re re ru re ru tsu
yu yu ru i!! mu i sa n
*むさりい さいこつ
Common rectangular signs OoT Sign Model.png Ni n te n to u
(top left quarter, then mirrored so symmetric vertically and horizontally)
任天堂 Nintendo
Treasure Chest Game Sign MM Treasure Chest Game Sign.png Rirumakosansan
Akoi.. .. Aaa
*アコイ.. .. アアア
Ikana Graveyard, Sign next to Captain Keeta MM Sign Captain Keeta.png Mumakorukomamu

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