Hylian Hornets are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. These small insects swarm and chase Link if he gets too close to a beehive, or knocks down one with a projectile weapon. Every time Link is stung by a Hornet, the damage he takes is a quarter of a Heart Container. Hylian Hornets are weak enemies and can easily be dispersed using a Spin Attack or simple sword strikes. Alternatively, the Hornets will cease pursuit of Link if he enters a body of water deep enough to swim in.

Hylian Hornets Swarming

Hylian Hornets swarming Link

Once the wasps have been defeated or driven away, Link can extract Bee Larva from their hives with bottles and use them for bait for fishing. Interestingly, no matter how far or how well hidden the perpetrator is, the Hylian Hornets will instantly, and usually correctly identify the one who disturbed their nest, be it Hanch or Link. However, if Link uses a hawk to knock the first nest he encounters down, the Hylian Hornets will not chase him and will instead fly away, possibly because they instead attribute the destruction of their nest to the hawk.

The first place Hylian Hornets may be encountered is in Ordon Village, where Hanch is attempting to knock down a beehive to obtain the Bee Larvae found within. If it is knocked down, the Hornets inadvertently attack Hanch. The stings he receives remain for a little while. Certain actions will trigger a cutscene where Hanch will manage to hit the hive, causing the wasps to attack him as normal. Beehives can also be found at the Fishing Hole, Kakariko Graveyard, and other locations.

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