Hylian Homeowner

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Hylian Homeowner
BotW Link's House Renovated Interior.png
Quest Giver Bolson
Location Hateno Village
Reward Link's House
Next Quest
"From the Ground Up"

"Hylian Homeowner" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link obtains the Quest by speaking to Bolson behind the vacant house in Hateno Village and offering to pay for the house. Bolson will tell Link that the cost of the operation is 50000 Rupees,[2] but he decides to lower the cost to 3000 Rupees and 30 bundles of Wood.[3]

After Link pays off both the Rupees and Wood, Bolson will direct Link to Hudson, who is set to leave for a Bolson Construction expansion project in Akkala. This begins the branched Side Quest "From the Ground Up". Afterwards, Bolson will begin to build additions to Link's House, ranging from gear displays, interior installations and exterior features.[4] The list of each addition is as follows:

Gear DisplayInstallationsHouse Exterior
Object Quantity
Weapon mount. 2
Bow mount. 3
Shield mount. 3
Object Quantity
Bed. 1
Lighting. 1
Door. 1
Object Quantity
A sign with my name! 1
Plant some flowers! 1
Plant trees! 1

The total cost of all the additions is 1400 Rupees. Once Link has purchased all of the additions, Bolson will add extra furniture to Link's House, such as a dining table, storage boxes underneath the staircase and a cabinet.[5] This will complete the Quest, leaving Bolson to wonder how Hudson's expansion project is doing.[6]


Stage Description
1 You can buy a house in Hateno Village!

Bolson, president of Bolson Construction, offered to slash his original asking price of 50,000 rupees down to 3,000 rupees if you also throw in 30 bundles of wood.

What are you waiting for? Gather the wood and bring it to him!
2 You gave Bolson his wood and got him to slash his asking price for an old-fashioned home from 50,000 rupees to 3,000 rupees.

When you have the 3,000 rupees saved up, talk to Bolson again to close the deal.
3 You bought a house in Hateno Village for 3,000 rupees! Bolson generously furnished a weapon rack inside your empty home as a housewarming gift.

The place is still pretty bare, though. If you talk to Bolson, he might be able to help you with that.
4 Bolson offered to sell you furniture! Not only that, he'll also remodel your home's exterior!

Renovate your home with furniture and style to be the envy of your new neighbors!
Complete You ordered lots of furniture and exterior knickknacks, and your house is finally a home.

Bolson seems pretty relieved to have finished such a big job.


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