The Hylia Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Lake Hylia region of Hyrule. The island is home to the Ya Naga Shrine and the female Zora Mei can be found fishing in the islands southeast waters though she occasionally rests on land before returning to fishing. A Korok can be found hiding atop a tree one the northwestern bank of the island who will reward Link with a Korok Seed.

Lizalfos and Water Octoroks patrol the waters around the island with some of them eventually upgrading to Silver Lizalfos as Link defeats more and more enemies.

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In Zora's Domain, Link encounters Mei's husband Fronk along with their two children Keye and Tumbo. After completing "Divine Beast Vah Ruta", Fronk reveals Mei went fishing earlier despite the rampaging Vah Ruta and after Link calms down Vah Ruta she still hasn't returned and worries about her. Link agrees to find Mei for him as he is too busy with work and caring for Keye and Tumbo in her absence. Link can find Mei still fishing around Hylia Island. Mei confirms Fronk is her husband and asks why he wants to know. Upon learning he's worried about her she cries over causing her darling husband to worry and reveals she had gotten so carried away fishing that she completely forgot. She thanks Link by giving him five Staminoka Bass she catch before returning to her family in Zora's Domain.

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