"Favored by hunters for its rabbit design, which is said to bring luck on hunts. It's easy to use, but its durability leaves something to be desired."
Hyrule Compendium

The Hunter's Shield is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a wooden shield favored by hunters and is believed to bring luck on hunts. However it has no effect on items dropped by animals indicating the belief it brings luck is likely just superstition. It has a defensive power of 3 though this may be increased by a Shield Guard Up bonus. As it is a wooden shield it will burn if exposed to fire or volcanic temperatures. It is most often found in Treasure Chests such as one on a collapsible platform over a small pool northeast of Boné Pond where a Bokoblin stands watch near Lanayru Tower (the chest and Bokoblin will fall in the pool if Link destroys the platform's support beam though Link can pull the chest out with the Magnesis Rune while the Bokoblin will die due to being unable to swim).

On the eastern portion of North Lomei Labyrinth a Hunter's Shield spawns in an alcove southeast of where a Meteor Rod spawns. This Hunter's Shield will respawn eventually as it is found out in the open if Link leaves the area making it a useful place for acquiring replacement. Link can travel on top of the Labyrinth and use the Sheikah Sensor+ to make finding it easier then marking its spawn location with a Shield stamp.

In addition to hunters, it rabbit design is popular among female Hylians as several armed female traveler's Link encounters wield them.

Selmie has one on display above her Bed in her cabin home at Selmie's Spot and will reward Link with one if he finishes the Shield Surfing mini-game's Advanced Course with a completion time between 3:15 - 3:29.

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