Hunnie is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She can be found in Tarrey Town in the Akkala Highlands region of Hyrule, after the fourth house is built. She is the daughter of Hagie and Ruli. When Link first encounters Hunnie, she is lying in bed, lacking the energy to move because she refuses to eat.

Talking to her mother during the day gives Link a hint to return at night, when her father is home. At night, sneaking up to the open window behind the house allows Link to listen in on Hagie and Ruli's conversation, revealing that Hunnie will only eat cake, but none seem to satisfy her. If Link then brings a Monster Cake to Ruli, she will awaken her daughter and feed it to her, restoring Hunnie's strength. She rewards Link with a Gold Rupee for his kindness. After being fed, Hunnie will run aimlessly around Tarry Town during the day, occasionally sitting with her father by the cliffside. She can be spoken to, but is extremely dismissive to anything Link has to say.

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