"Ooooh...It is so cold... I am so very hungry. I don't think I'm going to make it... I just want to eat once more before I die up here. Something tough and hard to chew... I cannot forget that flavor..."
— Hungry Goron

The Hungry Goron is character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a Goron who, at one point, becomes stuck in the Mountain Village area of Snowhead.


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When Link first visits the Mountain Village, he finds the Hungry Goron--easily identified by the strange mask he is wearing--stuck atop a frozen waterfall. Suffering from both extreme cold and starvation, the Hungry Goron says he does not have the strength needed to escape his predicament and return to Goron Village. If Link travels to the Goron Shrine and morphs into Goron Link, he can roll into the chandelier to retrieve the Rock Sirloin hidden inside. Link must first light all the torches in the room to get the chandelier rotating before this will work.

When the Rock Sirloin is recovered, Link can carry it back to the Mountain Village and give it to the Hungry Goron. He quickly scarfs down the sirloin and recovers his strength immediately after, promptly rolling down from the ledge on which he was stuck. As thanks, the Hungry Goron gives Link Don Gero's Mask, which he had been wearing the whole time, and rolls back to Goron Village. Despite this, he can never be encountered again after this.

During spring, the waterfall on which the Hungry Goron was stuck has thawed. The Hungry Goron is nowhere to be found, regardless of whether Link helped him or not. Whether he was able to escape or not is not known, but due to the Goron race's non-existent buoyancy in water, and the fact that he never did recover his strength, his odds of having survived are not ideal. Interestingly, if Link throws a bomb onto the Goron's ledge, the Goron will complain he cannot eat it, but thanks Link regardless.

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