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Hudson is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hudson is a carpenter who works for Bolson Construction,[2] a company situated in Hateno Village in East Necluda. He can initially be found attempting to demolish Link's House under Bolson's orders.[3] If Link offers to buy the house, Hudson will tell him to ask Bolson instead.[4] If Link agrees to purchase the house from Bolson, Hudson will take a break underneath a tree nearby. There, he mentions that Link would be a great hire for Bolson Construction, but retracts the offer upon learning that Link's name does not end in "-son."[5]

After Link speaks to Bolson and initiates the Side Quest "Hylian Homeowner", Hudson is tasked with the responsibility of leading the Bolson Construction expansion project in Akkala. Before he leaves, he waits for Link to say goodbye.[6] He then tells Link that he is going to Akkala, far north of Lanayru and welcomes Link to visit.[7] This begins the Side Quest "From the Ground Up", tasking Link with the responsibility of visiting and assisting Hudson at Tarrey Town.


  • For some reason, conversations with Hudson are usually composed of simple sentences and single-word responses.[8] Hudson himself speaks very directly with practically everything he intends to say being expressed in a single sentence.[3]
  • Hudson has unique dialogue for the occasion that Link does not wear a shirt, simply saying "Oh." in response.[9]


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