"Folks around here tell of a fabulously rich family that once lived in one of the houses in this village... But they say that the entire family was cursed due to their greed! Who knows what might happen to those who are consumed by greed..."

The House of Skulltula is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This old house is found in Kakariko Village and is inhabited by the Fabulously Rich Family.

The members of the Fabulously Rich Family were transformed into Skulltulas due to their greed. The curse can only be broken if enough Gold Skulltulas are defeated and their tokens retrieved, which the father of the family asks Link to collect.

As Link gathers Gold Skulltula Tokens, members of the family are freed of the curse one by one, and each gives Link a reward upon being restored. When Link acquires ten tokens, he receives the Adult's Wallet. Upon the collection of twenty, he receives the Stone of Agony, a mysterious stone that vibrates to alert its holder of nearby Hidden Holes, as well as while Link is fishing. After retrieving thirty tokens, Link receives the Giant's Wallet, while forty tokens are rewarded with Bombchus. When Link acquires fifty tokens, he receives a Piece of Heart, and all family members but the father are free of the curse. If Link perseveres and amasses all one hundred Gold Skulltula Tokens, the curse is completely lifted; as a reward, the newly restored father gives Link a huge Rupee every time he speaks to him.

In the 3DS remake, the House of Skulltula has additional furnishings (such as a fireplace, coat racks, portraits, chairs, and a couch) to give the impression of wealth the Fabulously Rich Family had prior to the effects of the curse.

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