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House of Pirates
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The House of Pirates is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] As its name suggests, it is where the Piratians take residence.



Surrounded by the Subrosian Cemetery, the House of Pirates is the place where the Piratians take up residence when their ship crash-lands in the Samasa Desert, driving them all the way into the hidden underground world of Subrosia.[2][3] The Piratians live in the House of Pirates until Link helps them escape by helping the Cap'n find his bell after completing the Ancient Ruins dungeon.

The House of Pirates is two stories tall. On the second story, there is a Piratian who will teach Link the correct pattern for opening the gate to Samasa Desert using a set of four drawers. On the roof of the Pirate House is a Portal that warps Link to a cave beneath Horon Village to the south, providing easy access to the area.

Unlucky Sailor

Main article: Unlucky Sailor

After the Piratians leave Subrosia, a few of them get left behind. In a Linked Game, one of the Pirates, named the Unlucky Sailor, who seems to believe strongly in luck, believes that the ship would never have crashed (and thus he would have never been left behind) if he knew the secret to being lucky.


  • Although the building is currently named the "House of Pirates" due its residents, the Subrosian within indicates that it is actually his house and that the pirates are merely crashing there. Once they leave, he reacts angrily to Link's return, believing the Hylian intends to crash there as well.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 海ぞくのいるいえ (Kaizoku no Iru Ie) House of Pirates
French-speaking countries French Camp des Pirates Camp of Pirates
Federal Republic of Germany German Piratenquartier Pirate Quarters
Italian Republic Italian Casa dei Pirati House of Pirates
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Casa de los Piratas House of Pirates



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  2. "Our ship got caught in a storm and sank. When we woke, 'ere we were. Where are we? It all looks so weird." — Piratian (Oracle of Seasons)
  3. "Some weird guys called Piratians have settled down south." — Subrosian (Oracle of Seasons)
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