"You've...never heard of the spa plan at Hotel Oasis? I was sure it was known the world over..."
— Romah

Hotel Oasis is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It can be found in Gerudo Town. It is one of four special inns located throughout Hyrule. This inn offers a special spa plan which will leave your skin bright and smooth. Link can stay for a bed and spa plan for 80 Rupees, or alternatively take a normal bed for 20 Rupees. Sleeping in the bed with a spa plan will fully restore and overfill Link's Heart Containers by 3, as well as overfilling his Stamina Wheel by a full circle.

The Hylian Tauma can be found staying here waiting for the spa treatment but for some reason Romah has been making her wait and becomes angry that Romah allowed Link to take the spa plan ahead of her despite having arrived long before, though manages to calm herself down and persistently keeps on waiting. According to Cara who works at Starlight Memories, the jeweler Isha visits the Hotel Oasis once a week for the spa plan, despite Isha claiming that she does nothing to maintain her appearance.


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