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Hotel Oasis
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Hotel Oasis is an Inn located within Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Hotel Oasis is managed by Romah and advertised by Olu. Aside from the usual 20 Rupee cost of a night at an Inn, Romah also offers a popular 80 Rupee spa plan.[2][3][4] Romah claims that the spa plan will fill Link with energy and a feeling of resilience to danger.[5] She also mentions that it will relax Link and leave his skin bright and smooth.[6] The spa plan will refill Link's Life Gauge with an additional three temporary Hearts and give him a temporary full wheel of Stamina when he wakes up. During the spa treatment, Romah may comment on how muscular Link is for a Hylian.[7] A Hylian named Tauma can be found reading a book in here. She has been waiting for her spa plan treatment for quite some time.[8] Tauma notices if Link received the spa treatment, mentioning that he looks relaxed and that his skin looks shiny.[9] Malena can be found staying at the Inn during the night.


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