"An energetic frog that can be found hopping around near water. Cook it with monsters parts to draw out its speed-boost effect."
Hyrule Compendium

Hot-Footed Frogs are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link can cook with them and monster parts to create Hasty Elixirs. If cooked alone or with other cooking ingredients without monster parts, it will usually result in Dubious Food. Link can obtain them by cutting grass in the Tabantha Frontier region or by searching in small ponds or the wetland areas of the Great Plateau, Hyrule Ridge, and Lanayru Great Spring regions. They appear in abundance at the Malanya Spring. Like most small animals, they will flee from Link if they see him. Hot-Footed Frogs are easier to catch while they are swimming and Link can kill them with arrows or Remote Bombs. Thirty are required to upgrade the Climber's Bandanna, Gear, Boots set. They can be purchased from Beedle at the Outskirt Stable, Dueling Peaks Stable and Wetland Stable.


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"Is that what I think it is?! Look at this! I don't believe it, but I actually caught one! This delicacy is known to have very, very potent effects under the proper circumstances. Ta-dah! Research from the castle shows that ingesting these can actually augment certain abilities. We wouldn't be in a controlled environment out here, but with your level of physical fitness... you'd be a perfect candidate for the study! Go on! Taste it!"
Princess Zelda

On Irch Plain before the Great Calamity, Princess Zelda spotted one and managed to catch it. Excited to learn more about its properties to enhance certain abilities she humorously insisted a reluctant Link to consume it raw and alive (apparently she was unaware it must be cooked first into a Hasty Elixir) as part of an impromptu field study. Princess Zelda also refers to it as a delicacy.

Link can later recall this evert during the Quest "Captured Memories".

Side Quest

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After freeing Vah Ruta, Link can speak to the Zora child Tumbo whom gives him a Side Quest to catch five Hot-Footed Frogs for him. By delivering five to Tumbo, he will reward Link with an Armoranth.

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