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Horseback Archery is a recurring Mini-Game in The Legend of Zelda series.[2] Horseback Archery goes unnamed in Majora's Mask.

Location and Rules[]

Majora's Mask[]

In order to prevent the Ghosts from stealing the Cows from Romani Ranch,[3][4][5][6] Romani appoints Link as her assistant. If Link agrees to help her, she explains her strategy and tasks Link with riding the Ranch's Horse, Epona, to destroy the 10 Ghost-shaped Balloons that she places across the Ranch in under 2 minutes.[7][8][9][10][11]

During the Mini-Game, red-colored dots will appear on the Map Screen, indicating the positions of the remaining Balloons. Link is unable to dismount Epona during the Mini-Game. Likewise, a Gate will be set up at the entrance to Romani Ranch to prevent Link from escaping. If Link speaks to Romani during the Mini-Game, she will laugh and remark on how confident he is.[12]

Upon first completing the Mini-Game within the time limit, Romani will tell Link that he and Epona work perfectly together.[13][14] She then decides to teach Link "Epona's Song" so that he can call upon the Horse when he needs.[15][note 1] Afterwards, Romani will caution Link that unlike the practice Balloons, the real Ghosts will keep appearing even after being destroyed and that they must hold out until sunrise at 5:00 AM.[21]

The Horseback Archery Mini-Game can be attempted multiple times during a cycle, although Link will not receive any additional prizes for practicing. It can only be attempted on the First Day as the Ghosts will either abduct Romani if Link fails to fend them off, or there will be no need with the threat of invasion gone on subsequent days.

Breath of the Wild[]

The Horseback Archery Mini-Game is operated by Jini at the Mounted Archery Camp. When Link first approaches him, he asks how confident he is in his ability to fight on horseback.[22] If Link is not confident, Jini expresses concern and asks if he would like to run some drills.[23] If Link is confident, Jini asks if he is willing to prove it.[24]

Link can ask Jini how the drills work. Jini explains that Horseback Archery was invented somewhere in the east,[25] and it requires a lot of coordination.[26] He claims his drill will be a good way to practice fighting mounted monsters.[27]

If Link is not riding a Horse, Jini will notice.[28] He instructs Link to retrieve one of his Horses from Highland Stable nearby and to come back riding it.[29]

When Link agrees to run a drill, Jini reminds him that he can not do so without a Bow and Arrows.[30] He offers to sell Arrows and do other kinds of business with Link.[31] He encourages Link to take his time as he browses his wares.[32] However, if Link denies him, Jini says that they will see how well he does on the field with his Horse.[33]

The price to run a drill is 20 Rupees,[34] though Jini guarantees they are worth twice as much.[35] If Link refuses to pay, Jini explains that while he is happy to provide his Horseback Archery drills, he has needs to meet.[36]

The goal of the Mini-Game is to pop as many of the Balloons floating in the Parache Plains.[37] Jini tells Link not to worry about time, as he will let him know when it is up.[38] In addition, he informs Link that he is not allowed to dismount his Horse during the drill.[39] He promises Link some Horse Gear if he can break more than 20 Balloons.[40]

Link can speak to Jini during the Mini-Game.[41] If Link says it is nothing, Jini says no one likes a quitter and he should continue with the drill.[42] However, if Link asks to forfeit the run, Jini tells him he will not get his Rupees back and asks if he still wants to quit.[43] When Link chooses to quit, Jini figures that he must have his reasons and encourages him to come again.[44]

Once time runs out, Jini calls Link back to the Mounted Archery Camp.[45] If Link hit less than 11 Balloons, he suggests trying to shoot while the Horse is trotting instead of galloping.[46] There is no reward. Between 12 and 19 Balloons, Jini is not convinced of Link's skill and reminds him to keep his eye on the targets.[47] As a reward, he gives Link 15 Arrows.[48] When Link pops between 20 and 22 Balloons, Jini says he has the potential to be among the best archers and gives him the Knight's Bridle.[49][note 2] Finally, if Link hits between 23 and 25 targets, Jini will say he has not seen someone so young with such talent in a long time.[50] He does not believe that Link is actually over 100 years old and gives him the Knight's Saddle, as he no longer needs it.[51][note 3]

After each drill Link runs, Jini asks if he wants to go again.[52] If Link refuses, Jini reminds him not to be a stranger and to come back.[53] If Link agrees, Jini says he made the right call and asks for 20 more Rupees.[54] Once Link has paid, he goes to fix the targets that were destroyed in the previous run.[55] He is able to run a drill once they are fixed.[56]


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  1. If Link does not beat the current record but completes the practice in under 2 minutes, Romani will simply tell him that he did great.[16] If Link beats Romani's record of 1 minute,[17] she will congratulate him instead.[18] Additionally, if Link fails to complete the practice in the time limit, she will dismiss the result as a consequence of his inexperience.[19][20]
  2. If Link already has the Knight's Bridle, Jini will instead give him 10 Bomb Arrows.
  3. If Link already has the Knight's Saddle, Jini will instead give him 20 Bomb Arrows.


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