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The Horon Village Shop is a shop located in Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons.[1] Run by Stockwell, the main floor of the shop sells commodities such as Bombs and Hearts. A stairwell behind the counter leads to a basement floor where Stockwell sells special goods and operates the Treasure Chest Game. This area is reserved exclusively for Card-holding members.[2]

Main Floor

The main floor of the shop sells bombs, hearts, and the highest-grade Shield Link currently has. This is, in fact, where the young hero can purchase his first shield. However, in a non-Linked Game, the shopkeeper will not sell anything until Link has obtained the Wooden Sword from the Hero's Cave. In a Linked Game, the shop will also sell a Gasha Seed, and the shield will only appear after buying it. As usual, Link cannot purchase a shield if he already has one in his Inventory.[3] In addition, the Strange Flute can be purchased here after completing Snake's Remains. Buying it here will lead to the acquisition of Moosh's Flute later on, henceforth making Moosh Link's partner.[4] The flute disappears from the shop if Link leaves for Spool Swamp without it or acquires it at the Subrosian Dance Hall instead.

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
OoS Bomb Sprite.png
Bombs (10)
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 20 Rupees
OoS Gasha Seed Sprite.png
Gasha Seed
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 30 Rupees
OoS Wooden Shield Sprite.png
Wooden Shield
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 30 Rupees
OoS Iron Shield Sprite.png
Iron Shield
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 50 Rupees
OoS Mirror Shield Sprite.png
Mirror Shield
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 80 Rupees
OoS Heart Sprite.png
Hearts (3)
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 10 Rupees

Basement Floor

In the basement of Horon Village Shop

Once Link obtains the Member's Card from Subrosia Market, Stockwell grants him access to the shop's basement where special, expensive items are sold.[4] These include two more Gasha Seeds, a bigger Seed Satchel, and, most importantly, the Treasure Map, which is needed to find the four Jewels that open the way to Tarm Ruins.[5]

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
OoS Seed Satchel Sprite.png
Seed Satchel upgrade
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 300 Rupees
OoS Gasha Seed Sprite.png
Gasha Seed
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 300 Rupees
OoS Gasha Seed Sprite.png
Gasha Seed
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 500 Rupees
OoS Treasure Map Sprite.png
Treasure Map
OoS Green Rupee Sprite.png 200 Rupees

Treasure Chest Game

Main article: Treasure Chest Game

Once all the items on the basement floor are bought, Stockwell closes shop.[6] He then decides to enter a new line of business: from then on, he will start to operate the Treasure Chest Game in the basement instead.[7] In this game, the player pays 10 Rupees to choose between two Treasure Chests: one is empty, while the other contains a large Rupee-like gem. Guessing the correct chest three times in a row garners a prize in the form of a Magic Ring.[8][9] However, the player can choose to guess a fourth time and go "double or nothing" to obtain a better ring.[10] Going for yet another round after that earns the winner an even greater ring.[11]


  • In order for Link to purchase items, he needs to pick up the item and speak with Stockwell whom is across the counter. If Link tries to leave the shop without paying for his item, Stockwell will run over and push Link away from the doorway.[12] After scolding Link, he will return to his spot at the cash register. Link will be stopped from leaving the store with an item in hand every time he approaches the doorway.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese ショップ (Shoppu)
French Republic FrenchEU Boutique
Federal Republic of Germany German Shop
Italian Republic Italian Negozio
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Tienda



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