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The Horon Village Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This shop is owned and operated by Stockwell and is located in western Horon Village, just north of Bipin's and Blossom's house.


Item Price
10 Bombs 20 Rupees
3 Hearts 10 Rupees
Iron Shield 50 Rupees
Mirror Shield 80 Rupees
Strange Flute 150 Rupees
Wooden Shield 30 Rupees


After purchasing the Member's Card from the Subrosia Market, Link will be allowed behind the counter and into the basement, which is a secret shop. After every item has been purchased, the shop turns into a minigame. Link must successfully guess which of the two Treasure Chests the treasure is located in. If Link guesses correctly three times, he will receive a Seed Ring. If he chooses to go on, he will be given a double-or-nothing chance. If he guesses correctly again, he will receive the same offer one final time. If he takes the prize at four correct guesses, he will receive a better Seed Ring. After guessing correctly five consecutive times, Link will receive a very good Seed Ring.


Item Price
Gasha Seed 300 Rupees
Gasha Seed 500 Rupees
Seed Satchel Upgrade 300 Rupees
Treasure Map 200 Rupees


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