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"Hear me, my hordes! The spell will soon be complete! The demon king returns! Until then, you WILL keep that whelp from interfering with my ritual. I don't care if the whole lot of you get lodged on the end of his blade. You will buy me the time I need! Do not fear him... Fear my wrath if you fail me!"

The Horde Battle is an event from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This lengthy battle occurs at the Sealed Grounds near the conclusion of the game, and pits Link against hundreds of Bokoblins, as well as a number of other enemies such as Moblins and Stalfos.

In order to prevent Link from interfering with the ritual designed to revive his master, Demise, at the expense of Zelda's soul, Ghirahim summons as many creatures under his command as he can muster. During the battle, all potential shortcuts are blocked with energy fields; occasionally, Ghirahim creates more fields. These fields will not go away until Link has defeated the group of enemies guarding said field. However, when the second barrier and its Moblin guardians are summoned, Link can use a Moblin's shield as a getaway to jump over the side barrier. On some occasions, a lone Bokoblin wielding a horn, with which it calls other allies, is the one that needs to be defeated to proceed. Bokoblins may also carry bombs to try to damage Link. As such, these Bokoblins no longer retreat when bombs are placed in their vicinity, which can be used to Link's advantage.

After Link leaves the Horde Battle and the subsequent battle against Ghirahim victorious, he may repeat the event as part of Lanayru's Lightning Round. This is one of the few battles in which one can count on having a renewable, if somewhat random, supply of hearts.


Horde Battle (Skyward Sword)

Horde Battle (Skyward Sword)

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