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Honeyed Apple
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30-40 Rupees
Restoring Link's Life Gauge

Honeyed Apples are Items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Energizing Honeyed Apple is a meal that can be made by Cooking Courser Bee Honey together with Apples. Their regular version can only be made by adding a fruit or vegetable to the recipe that has a differing effect than the Courser Bee Honey. They heal six Hearts in Link's Life Gauge, but they can also be sold for 40 Rupees. These dishes are noted to be a juicy combination and sweet and sour flavors, since they combine newly ripened Apples with Honey.[1]

In Kakariko Village, after completing the first three of Koko's Side Quests, she will decide to make Honeyed Apples for dessert.[2] Her mother loved them, and she notes how they melt in one's mouth.[3] However, when going over the ingredients, she realizes she's missing Courser Bee Honey.[4] This activates the Side Quest "Koko's Specialty". If Link returns with Courser Bee Honey for Koko, she will be ecstatic and thank Link, asking him to wait while she makes dessert.[5] When the Honeyed Apple is made, Koko becomes emotional after remembering how her mother used to always make it for her.[6] She thanks Link, rewarding him with a Honeyed Apple.[7]

There is one variation of Honeyed Apples:

  • Energizing Honeyed Apple:[8] Made using only Apples and Courser Bee Honey. When eaten, they'll instantly refill a portion of Link's Stamina Wheel.[8] They heal five Hearts and sell for 30 Rupees.


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