"H-H-Honey!!! He...He got a perfect score three days in a row. This is all we have left to give him, Honey. I wonder... Are we truly happy? ...Darling?"
Honey & Darling

Honey & Darling's Shop is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Run by Honey & Darling, this shop is located in East Clock Town, and features three different mini-games; one for each day in the three-day cycle. These include Bombchu Bowling, Bomb Basket and Target Practice. In order to play Bombchu Bowling and Bomb Basket, Link must have a Bomb Bag in his inventory, and for Target Practice he must likewise have the Hero's Bow. However, Deku Link can be allowed to play the latter by blowing bubbles instead.

Each of the mini-games must be completed before the couple finish dancing; this is indicated by a timer on the screen. Link must complete the objective of the mini-game while standing on a rotating platform. If Link falls off of the platform, he automatically loses the mini-game. For each successful game he completes, Link earns a purple rupee (Fishing Hole Pass in the Nintendo 3DS version). If Link completes all three games during a three-day cycle, he obtains a Piece of Heart, however, if he completes the third game as Deku Link in that three-day-cycle, he will receive a purple rupee instead.

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