"You're not Santa! You don't scare me! Now take this shovel and clear the snow from my walkway! Keep the shovel when you're done."
— Holly

Holly is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Her home is found in the Woods of Winter, near the second dungeon in the game, Snake's Remains.


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At one point, Link's path to Snake's Remains is blocked by snow, as there is perpetual winter in the area. Nearby, Link finds Holly's house, but her doorway is also blocked by snow. From a snow platform, Link climbs and enters the house via the chimney. Holly, who is waiting for Santa, gets annoyed when she realizes that Santa has not come and only Link has. Because of this, she gives Link the Shovel and demands that he clear the snow from her walkway. Once this task has been completed, Holly allows him to keep the Shovel.

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Holly may be named after the holly plant, a popular decoration during the Christmas season.

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