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Hollows are Enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity that are made out of Malice.


Hollows are constructs of Malice molded after the Champions and share the same weapons and fighting styles as their original counterparts, producing a dark aura with constellations appearing around them, similar to Astor. In a cutscene, they are also shown the ability to warp as well. Because they are composed of pure Malice, they are especially weak against the Master Sword.

Hollows first appear in the Scenario "Freeing Korok Forest" where they are summoned by Astor. Four Hollows take the form of the Four Champions. Link must travel to four locations and battle the Hollows. In the southwest is the Hollow of Mipha; in the southeast is the Hollow of Daruk; in the northwest is the Hollow of Revali; in the northeast is the Hollow of Urbosa. The champion Hollows all have the same attacks as the normal , however, they have less health than the normal . Hollows will not drop anything when defeated. Later in the story, a Hollow of Link attacks Sooga and Master Kohga through the command of Astor. This Link Hollow is slightly stronger than the others and would become the default Hollow for Astor's later appearances in Guardian of Rememberance and The Future of Hyrule, and a few even appear in The Yiga Clan's Retreat, before the Blights arrive.


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