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Hollo's Forest Potion Shop
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Hollo's Forest Potion Shop is a location in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed] It is located inside a cave within the main area of Forest Haven. Hollo heals the Koroks using the ingredients found in the forest[1] and runs the shop; he is one of two Koroks to remain in Forest Haven after the Korok Ceremony, the other being Makar. If Link gives him four Boko Baba Seeds, then Hollo will concoct a Blue Potion from the spoils.[2]


  • During the cutscene in which Hollo creates the potion, he cries "Onjalla, manjalla, CHOWAY!", which could be a specific spell he uses to combine the ingredients or unleash the magic contained in the seeds.
  • There is a poster at the back of Hollo's shop which reads (clockwise from the top left) "Bokobaba Potion," "Bokobaba Seed," "Defeat Bokobaba," "Baba Bud" and "Bokobaba."[3] They appear to be instructions on how to retrieve the Boko Baba Seeds, as they are accompanied by a diagram of the plant splitting into both a Baba Bud and a Boko Baba Seed.
  • Despite Hollo claiming not to have Boko Baba Seeds, there appears to be several of them hanging from the walls throughout the shop. They may simply be decorative likenesses, however.


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