"Yes, indeed! That's my real name... Hoiger Howgendoogen... Ow! I... I bit my tongue!"
— Hoiger Howgendoogen

Hoiger Howgendoogen is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. A treasure seeker, he appears on a ship in the southeastern section of the World of the Ocean King along with other members of the Ho Ho Tribe. The members of the Ho Ho Tribe claim to be from the distant land of Wayaway, and say that a random Treasure is popular in their country (this item varies from time to time). If Link gives Hoiger Howgendoogen the item that the Tribe currently desires, he will often pay Link more Rupees than he could otherwise sell it for. Just as the appraisal price of Treasures change from game to game, the price Hoiger pays for them changes with respect to the appraisal price.

During the quest for the Great Spin Attack, Link gives Hoiger Howgendoogen the Kaleidoscope in exchange for the Guard Notebook.

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