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Hobbies of the Rich
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Quest Giver Hagie
Prerequisite(s)Completed Tarrey Town
Location Tarrey Town
Reward Silver Rupee
Red Rupee
Previous Quest
"From the Ground Up"

"Hobbies of the Rich" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After completing the Side Quest "From the Ground Up", Link can find Hagie in Tarrey Town looking out at the Torin Wetland. Based on Link's clothes, Hagie assumes that he is in need of money.[2] If Link says that he is, Hagie appreciates his honesty and pitches a down payment.[3] Even though Link is confused, he forces him to take the Rupees without explanation.[4]

Once Link has accepted the Silver Rupee, Hagie will explain what he wants.[5] He points out the Torin Wetland, explaining that there are two Guardian Stalkers that prowl the area.[6] He would like to see Link defeat them both in exchange for the rest of his payment.[7]

Link can return to Hagie after he defeats both Guardians. As agreed upon, Hagie will give Link the rest of his payment, a Red Rupee.[8] He is rude when Link is disappointed by the size of the payment,[9] claiming that the notion of a down payment being a smaller than the final payment is unique to the "common folk".[10] With their business concluded, he tells Link to leave him alone, which completes the Side Quest.[11]


Stage Description
1 Hagie in Tarrey Town asked you to defeat the two Guardians in Torin Wetland and then report back to him.

You were paid in advance, so you're pretty much obligated to go through with it.
Complete You defeated the two Guardians in Torin Wetland and reported back to Hagie before night fell.

The reward was less than the up-front payment...


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