Unofficial Name

"Leave me alone! I'm trying to sit still so Schule can paint my portrait!"
— Hippo

The Hippo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A talking hippopotamus, she resides in Animal Village. The Hippo, being a model, is modeling for a painting by Schule Donavitch in his studio in Animal Village during the events of the game. If Link approaches her at this time, she annoyedly tells him to leave, as she must sit perfectly still in order for Schule to paint her properly.

Hippo (uncensored)

While the Hippo plays a very minor role in the overall story arc of the game, her character was once a much more scandalous figure; in the Japanese version of the game, the Hippo was a blatant nude model. She had vivid breasts and a towel that she would pull up when Link entered the studio. However, because many localization teams found this inappropriate for younger audiences, the idea was scrapped in most localizations of the game outside of Japan; the Hippo's breasts and towel were removed, and the animation of her pulling up the towel was changed to her simply sitting down. A notable exception to this censorship is the German localization.

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