"My name is Nazbi, treasure hunter and adventurer extraordinaire! I'm traveling Hilltop High Road' in search of the dragon's road. They say it's not far from Tanagar Canyon. Hmm, now that I thing about it... The Hilltop High Road is long and winding, very much like a dragon itself! I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Heigh-ho, Dauntless, my trusty steed! Adventure beckons!"

The Hilltop High Road is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a road located in the Hyrule Ridge region that runs from Tabantha Great Bridge through the Hyrule Ridge region and serves as an important trade route. Its name is mentioned by the traveler Nazbi as he is travelling from Tabantha Bridge Stable to Serenne Stable on his horse Dauntless but its name does not appear on the Sheikah Slate map though the path itself is clearly outlined as with most roads. Horses will automatically follow the road though horses Link hasn't fully bonded with may go off road forcing Link to make course corrections though fully bonded horses, Deer, Bears, and Lord of the Mountain will follow the path (however deer and bears will eventually try to throw him off forcing him to soothe them to regain control). Nazbi notes the Hilltop High Road is long and winding, very much like a dragon itself causing him to wonder if it may be the fabled "dragon's road" though notes it may just be a coincidence. Beedle occasionally travels along the road though never gets very far from Tabantha Bridge Stable. Baddek, Savelle, and Yammo travel along the road as they go between Tabantha Bridge Stable and Serenne Stable. A Yiga Footsoldier disguised as a lost woman looking for direction to Gerudo Desert appears near a Sign next to the road from Tabantha Bridge Stable warning travelers to beware of bandits. If slain the Footsoldier is revived by Calamity Ganon when his power reaches it peak at midnight during a Blood Moon.

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