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Highland Stable
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The Highland Stable is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Highland Stable is a Stable that is located on Fural Plain in the Faron Grasslands. Padok, Phanna, Perosa, and Blynne are all workers at the Stable. The travelers Suzuna and Totsuna can be found there. As is the case with all Stables, Beedle visits as well; Beedle is found sitting outside the entrance to the Stable, but will retreat inside by the main post while it is raining. In The Champions' Ballad downloadable content pack, the Super Rumor Mill V3 Book can be found atop the table inside, advancing the "EX Ancient Horse Rumors" Side Quest.[2] Phanna can be found tending to Horses and is one of the four Stable hands who will offer to customize Link's Horse,[3] provided it has a sufficiently high enough bond and is not too big.

Perosa can be found outside tending to the Horses with Phanna, mumbling to herself.[4] When spoken to, Perosa will complain about the horseback Bokoblins that terrorize the northern road.[5][6][7] If Link offers to help with dispatching the monsters, he will begin the "The Horseback Hoodlums" Side Quest.[8]

Blynne runs the Obstacle Course Mini-Game from the Stable. He gives Link a Swift Carrot for each run he does where he does not beat his record.[9] If Link completes the course in one minute and thirty seconds, Blynne will give him the Extravagant Bridle.[10] When Link breaks Blynne’s record of one minute and fifteen seconds, Blynne gives him the Extravagant Saddle.[11]

Link can befriend the Hylian Retriever behind the Highland Stable. Once it has been fed enough times, it will lead him to a Treasure Chest buried behind the Stable. This Chest contains a Silver Rupee.





TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese高原の馬宿 (Kōgen no Umayado)Stable of the Plateau
Latin AmericaSpanishLARancho de Farone[12]Farone Ranch
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