The Highland Stable is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a stable managed by Padok. It is located southeast of Lake Hylia in the Faron Grasslands region of Hyrule though is considered part of the Lake Tower map data. Workers at this stable wear light blue and navy uniforms with red scarfs. It is located northwest or the Malanya Spring where the patron Deity of Horsees Malanya resides. The third volume of Traysi's Super Rumor Mill can be found here as part of The Champions' Ballad DLC.



Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 20 6
Arrows (x10) 1 45
Sunset Firefly 3 10
Hearty Lizard 1 100
Octo Balloon 5 20

Grooming & Equipment

Phanna (BOTW)


The female stable hand Phanna can style the mane and change the Bridle and Saddle of Link's horse provided they are registered and Link has bonded with them fully. However she cannot do this for either Epona or the Giant Horse. She is one of four stable hands that provide this free service along with Breen, Canni, and Tenne. Phanna can be found tending the the Stable's hay troph.




Side quests

Name Giver Details Rewards
"The Horseback Hoodlums" Perosa Defeat the nearby horse riding Bokoblins Spoiler: Endura Carrot
"EX Ancient Horse Rumors" Super Rumor Mill V3 Read Super Rumor Mill V3 at the Highland Stable to discover where to obtain the Ancient Bridle & Saddle. Ancient Bridle
Ancient Saddle


Name Operator Rewards
Horseback Obstacle Course Blynne Extravagant Bridle (finish in less than 1:30)
Extravagant Saddle (finish in less than 1:15)