"High Dive Practice Spot: Are you confident in your diving skill?"
— Sign

The High Dive Practice Spot is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Located atop the waterfall in Zora's Domain, it is the place where Link can play the Diving Game for 20 Rupees.

If Link climbs up the stairs leading to King Zora's Chamber, and goes to the left, he will find a tunnel that leads to the High Dive Practice Spot. Here, he can pay the Zora operating the Diving Game 20 Rupees to play. When he does this, the Zora will toss five Blue Rupees into the water below, and Link must dive down the waterfall and collect all of them before 50 seconds expires. If he can manage to do this, he must travel back to the High Dive Practice Spot to claim his prize: the Silver Scale. If all five Rupees are collected, Link can keep them, totalling 25 Rupees. This means if Link beats the game on his first try, he receives not only the Silver Scale, but also gains five Rupees.

Aside from acting as the location for a mini-game, the High Dive Practice Spot can also be used as a shortcut in reaching the ground floor of Zora's Domain.

Oddly, if Link were to jump to the far left he may hit a rock that is out of the water, and the game will instantly finish.

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